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Export to QuickBooks Desktop from ServiceTitanLast updated on 09/23/2022

ServiceTitan allows you to export your transactions to QuickBooks Desktop. By doing so, you automatically create the transaction in QuickBooks to help manage your accounting records efficiently.

Things to know

  • If a ServiceTitan payment term is not in QuickBooks, ServiceTitan automatically creates the payment term when you export transactions. 

  • It is recommended that you set up your payment terms in QuickBooks. This helps ensure your specific discount calculations in QuickBooks are accurate. 

  • It is recommended that you batch transactions based on transaction type—including but not limited to invoices, payments, and bills—separately.

Export to QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Batch and post your transactions.

  2. From the batch dropdown, select Export to QuickBooks Desktop.

    Choose the QBD Connection opens.

  3. Select the connection associated with the QuickBooks company file and user you want to export to.

    • If the connection has a green dot, then the connection is online and ready to export to QuickBooks.

    • If the connection has a red dot, then the connection is offline. To change the status of your connection to online, open the ServiceTitan Web Connector so the connection updates to an online status. For more information, see Web Connector Troubleshooting Guide.

  4. Click Export.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.