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Export Error Report GuideLast updated on 03/02/2023

The Export Error Report shows a list of batches you attempted to export to your accounting system but were not successful due to an error. Use the details in this report to resolve these errors and export the batch again. By running or scheduling this report, you can ensure your batches successfully export

Things to know

You can run this report only if you have one of these accounting integrations:

  • Intacct

  • ServiceTitan Web Connector to QuickBooks Desktop

Run report

Before running the report, you can set the Batch filter to get the most relevant information you need:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Reports. In the side menu, click All Reports.

  2. Click Export Error Report to open the report.

    Tip: In the search field, enter a few letters from the report title for quick access.

  3. If you want the report to list:

    • All errors, regardless of the batch, click Run Report.

    • Only errors specific to a batch, in the Batch field, enter the batch name. Then, click Run Report.

    Note: You can exclude or include dependent entity errors using the Hide Dependent Entity Errors checkbox.

Understand report results

The report lists errors based on the last sync action with your accounting software, so only existing errors appear on the report:

  • Name—The name with a hyperlink of the ServiceTitan object that is associated with the error

  • Description—Details about the ServiceTitan object

  • Entity Type— The type of ServiceTitan object that is associated with the error

  • Peer Type—Name of the accounting system the ServiceTitan object attempted to export to

  • Local Key—Internal ID of the ServiceTitan object that is associate with the error

  • Remote Key—Internal ID of the accounting system object that is associated with the error

  • Status—Export status of the ServiceTitan object

  • Action—Last action the accounting integration took during the exporting process that resulted in the error

  • Code—Unique code pertaining to the QuickBooks errorNote: If there is an error but no code, the error is either ServiceTitan specific or the QuickBooks error didn’t specify a code for the error.

  • Message—Additional details on why the error occurred or the error message received by the accounting system

  • Batch/Tag—Name of the batch where the error exists

Click an entry in the Name column to open the corresponding record in a new tab.

Customize and schedule your report

You can arrange and filter your results to narrow the focus of your report.

You can also schedule the report to be delivered by email on a regular basis.

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Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.