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Enroll in Academy coursesLast updated on 04/26/2023

ServiceTitan Academy features courses help you learn a new or existing feature or how to better utilize ServiceTitan for your business.

Things to know

  • You can change the Academy course view in the Catalog and Search results by clicking the Choose View icon. From there, you can view the courses in Card View, Detail View, List View, or Calendar View.

  • Use Filters Academy filter icon to refine your search results. 

Locate courses

You can locate courses in a few ways:

  • Browse the course catalog

    • On the Academy dashboard, click Catalog.

    • The Catalog opens, listing all available courses.

  • Search for courses

    • Click Seach icon-search.png. The Search bar expands, where you can enter your search term. Click Enter on your keyboard to search.

Enroll in courses

Once you locate a course you want to enroll in:

  1. Next to the course, click Enroll.

  2. After you successfully enroll, the button changes to say Start. Click Start.

    The course page opens listing all lessons available in the course. 

  3. Click Start next to the lesson you want to view.

    The lesson opens.

  4. When you complete the lesson, you can click Next Activity to start the next lesson or you can click Close Activity to go back to the course page.

To resume a course:

  1. On the Academy dashboard, the last course you interacted with displays. Click Resume.

    The course page opens.

  2. Click Start for the next lesson you want to complete.

Enroll your employees in courses (Academy Admin only)

ServiceTitan Academy Company Admins can assign courses to employees. Assigning courses is optional.

To assign courses to multiple users:

  1. On the Academy dashboard, click Admin.

  2. From the left side menu, click the Users Academy users icon icon, and then click Users.

    The Users screen opens.

  3. Select the employees you want to assign courses to.

  4. From the Mass Actions menu, click Enroll User.

    The Enroll Users screen opens.

  5. Click Add Courses.

    The Select Courses pop-up opens.

  6. Select the courses you want to assign to the selected employees. You can add as many courses as you need. Tip: Use the search bar to find a specific course.

  7. Click Choose.

  8. When you’re done, click Save.

View course history

You can view the courses you’re enrolled in as well as courses you’ve previously completed by clicking My Courses on the Academy dashboard.

On the My Courses page, you can resume courses you’re in the process of taking, start courses you’re enrolled in, or retake courses you’ve previously completed.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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