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Enable booking confirmationsLast updated on 05/24/2023

When booking notifications are on, the customer automatically receives confirmation as soon as an appointment is scheduled in ServiceTitan.

Things to know

  • The booking confirmation is sent only once, when the appointment is first scheduled. If you reschedule the appointment, the customer does not receive another booking confirmation. This is to prevent the customer from receiving too many automated notifications as you finalize your dispatch schedule. If you’d like to send another booking confirmation, you can do so manually.

  • In order to enable text notifications, your default SMS number must be set up. If your default SMS number is not properly configured, you are prompted to edit your phone number.

  • Your arrival window setting applies to both text and email notifications. Additionally, you cannot have a different arrival window setting for booking confirmations and reminder notifications.

Enable booking confirmations

  1. Go to the navigation and click the Settings icon.

  2. In the side panel, click Communications > Customer Notifications.

  3. Click Booking Confirmations.

  4. You automatically land on the Text notification page. Click Email if you want to enable Email notifications.

  5. From the page for the type of notification you would like to turn on, preview the message. If you would like to change the default message, you can customize it. See customize notification message templates for more.

Confirm the settings for the booking confirmation.

  • Arrival Window—By default, your Business Hours Table is used to provide the customer with an arrival window. Learn how to change the arrival window setting.

  • Exclusion Settings—Select any Business Units or Job Types that you want to exclude from sending notifications to customers.

  • Booking Confirmation Checkbox Mode—Do you want the “Send booking confirmation checkbox selected by default? This checkbox will only be available for applicable Business Units or Job Types.

5. Enable the toggle to turn on booking confirmation. The toggle turns green when it is on.

6. Enable the other type of notification if you would like to do so.

7. Click Save.

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