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Use the embedded dialerLast updated on 09/14/2022

Learn how the embedded dialer in Phones Pro integrates job booking with calls. This helps ensure a quick and easy process for the most basic revenue source for your business.

Things to know

  • Before you can use the embedded dialer, the administrator on your team needs to set up Phones Pro, including setting up an account for you to use. To learn more, see Phones Pro Setup.

  • For more information about embedded dialer settings, see Manage embedded dialer settings.

  • Phones Pro has a built-in spam filter.

  • Any numbers you block will be blocked for your account only. Other members of your team will still have that number unblocked. 

  • Customer service representatives (CSRs) who are Advanced Seat users can use the embedded dialer to take and make calls, as well as book jobs. For more information on seats, see Understand standard and advanced seats.

Use the embedded dialer

To get to the embedded dialer:

  1. Go to the main navigation bar and click Job Booking job-booking.

  2. Click the Phones Pro phones-pro-icon icon to see the embedded dialer.

Answer incoming calls

Note: Calls that go to voicemail are considered abandoned by the system, as are unanswered calls.

When a call comes in, you have the option to click Answer, Screen, or Decline in the dialer.

  • Click Screen to send the call to voicemail. You hear the voicemail live and can choose to answer it before the caller hangs up.

  • Click Decline to send the call straight to voicemail without the option to answer it.

  • Click Answer to pick up the call and automatically select the green call bubble.

Once you answer the call, the call bubble is automatically selected and the call booking process continues. To learn more about the call booking process, see Book a job.

After you answer a call, you can hover over each button in the dialer to see what it does.

  • Click Mute to turn your mic off and on.

  • Click Hold to place the call on hold.

  • Click Transfer to transfer the call. See Transfer calls and switch between calls for details.

  • Click Add to add a caller to the call. See Add a caller (Dialpad Help Center) for details.

  • Click Dialpad when you need to dial digits while on a call. For example, you would use this if you need to enter a phone extension.

  • Click VM Drop to use voicemail drop. See Use voicemail drop for details.

  • Click Hang Up to end the call.

Make outgoing calls

To make an outbound call, search for the customer and click their phone number. To learn more, see Place outbound calls.

Note: Do not use the MAKE A CALL button in the dialer to call customers, since the calls won’t be recorded or included in reporting. Click to call instead. Similarly, while you are able to click the Search  search-inline icon in the embedded dialer to find and make calls to customers with whom you have already spoken using the embedded dialer, you should Click to call instead. If you click Send a Message, you can message another employee, but they won’t be notified of any messages sent this way.

Manage calls when you’re using more than one tab

When you’re using more than one tab in your browser, icons help you to figure out what is going on with calls in each tab.

If you see a mic icon on a tab, that means that a call is ringing in that specific tab. Go to that tab to answer it.

The red icon flashes on the tab for your current call.

Want to learn more?

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.