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View, edit, and request email templatesLast updated on 08/26/2022

View and edit email templates for use with Marketing Pro email campaign builder. If the templates that are available do meet your needs you can request a template to be made for you.

Things to know

  • Email templates can be archived, unarchived, and cloned from the Email Templates screen

  • Email templates made by ServiceTitan cannot be edited, but you can edit a cloned ServiceTitan email template

View email templates

From Email Templates, you can see the templates you’ve created and the templates built by ServiceTitan. Email templates created or sent to you in the last 30 days have a New tag.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Marketing.

  2. In the side panel, click Email Templates.

In Email Templates, you can:

  • Filter templates—Use Filters to change the templates you see. You can filter by:

    • Created by: Show templates created by you, templates created by ServiceTitan, or both.

    • Featured: Show templates that you’ve marked as a favorite, are new, or have been used in recent campaigns.

    • Campaign type: Show templates by campaign. Campaign types include unsold estimates, idle accounts, expiring memberships, and other. For more on campaign types, see Create and edit email campaigns.

    • Trades: Show templates for one or more trades.

  • Search templates by name, who created it, campaign type, or trade.

  • Sort by most recent, alphabetical, or most used template. Note: If there aren’t any email templates available for your chosen filters/search, a link will appear allowing you to request a new email template that fits your needs. (See Request a template)

  • Hover over a template and click More icon-more.png to:

    • Edit a template that you created

    • Clone or archive a template. For more on cloning and archiving, see Manage Marketing Pro functions.

    • Preview how the template will appear.

  • Hover over a template and click the Heart icon to save the template to your favorites.

  • Click the View toggle to change between card view and list view.

Edit a template

  1. In Email Templates, find the template you want and click Edit.

  2. Edit your content as needed. When you’re done, click Save.

Request a template

If your filters and/or search yield no template results, you can send in a request to have one made by the pros at ServiceTitan.

  1. Search and filter for a template that matches what you are looking for.

  2. If your search and/or filters do not populate any relevant templates, request one by clicking Let us know.

  3. Describe the goals you have for the template, and optionally add an example image.

  4. We will create the template for you.

Want to learn more?

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