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Edit, download, and cancel inventory requisitionsLast updated on 03/01/2023

Before you fulfill a requisition, you can change item quantities and add items, procurement sources, and PO ship-to locations. You can also assign a procurement source and PO ship-to location to multiple items at once, mark multiple items as not required and cancel a requisition when it is no longer needed or was added accidentally.

Things to know

  • If you only have the Purchasing module enabled, the Inventory section in the navigation bar is renamed Purchasing.

  • If you’re using the Inventory module, ServiceTitan first checks your existing stock in the requisition warehouse. If items you need are not in stock, ServiceTitan selects your primary vendor as the procurement source.

  • If you’re using the Purchasing module, ServiceTitan automatically selects the primary vendor as the default procurement source for each item.

  • When adding additional items to a requisition, if you select the inventory location as the procurement source, the system shows the available quantity for that item at the inventory location if it is an inventoried item.

Edit an inventory requisition

You can edit requisitions that are in the Demand or In Progress status.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Inventory or Purchasing Inventory-icon.

  2. From the side menu, click Requisitions > Install or Service. The corresponding requisition screen opens.

  3. Click the Demand or In Progress tab.

  4. Select the requisition you want to edit. The requisition record opens.

  5. From the Actions dropdown, select Edit.

  6. In the Line Items tab, you can update:

    • Quantity Requested: Enter a quantity of an item you want to procure.

    • Procurement Source: Select the warehouse, truck, or vendor where you want to procure the items. Note: If the procurement source is an inventory location, the item quantity will not be reserved at that location. It indicates that you will use the item on the job or project from that location.

    • PO Ship To: If the procurement source is a vendor, select the location where you want the items shipped to.

    Tip: You can update the Procurement Source and PO Ship To fields in bulk.

    If you don’t need an item, select the checkbox next to the item and then select Mark as Not Required.

    Note: The Item Description field in the table shows you the items ordered.

    In the Details tab, you can update Business Unit and Primary Technician.

    To add more items, click Add Item. For more information, see the Create an install requisition section in Inventory Requisition.

  7. When you’re finished editing the requisition, click Save and Confirm.

Download a requisition

After you procure all items in a requisition, you can download a pick list of items for each inventory location. Each pick list on your requisition shows the procured items stocked at that location. You can collect these items using the pick list and place them in the staging area along with the pick list for your technician to pick up.

Note: Items in a requisition can be procured to different inventory locations. This means each requisition can have multiple pick lists depending on where the items are located.

  1. Click the In Progress or Fulfilled tab.

  2. Select the requisition you want to download. The requisition record opens.

  3. Click Download Pick List.

  4. From the dropdown field, select the location you want to pick up the items from.

The pick list downloads to your device as a PDF file.

Note: If your inventory is organized by bin location, the items in the pick list are listed in alpha-numeric order by bin location.

Cancel a requisition

You can cancel requisitions that are in the In Demand, In Progress, or Fulfilled status.

Note: You can’t cancel a requisition record if it has at least one purchase order with a status of Received or Partially Received.

  1. Click the In Demand, In Progress, or Fulfilled tab.

  2. Select the requisition you want to cancel. The requisition record opens.

  3. From the Actions dropdown, select Cancel Requisition.

  4. On the Cancel Requisition popup, click Cancel Requisition.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.