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Edit customer membershipsLast updated on 04/19/2023

Edit the details of a customer’s membership to update a customer’s billing information, revise recurring services, or make other changes.

Things to know

  • Editing a customer’s membership only affects their membership, not the membership type or any other customer’s membership.

  • On a customer’s membership record, click View Audit Trail to view all edits to a membership and a membership’s recurring services. This makes it easier to identify who made edits and to resolve customer issues.

Edit customer memberships

  1. Search for the customer and open click on the record you want to open.

  2. Under Membership, click the membership you want to edit. Memberships are listed from newest to oldest.

  3. Click the Pencil icon.

  4. Edit your membership settings:


    The membership type

    Business Unit

    The business unit the membership is assigned to


    Click the field to add previously created tags to the membership. To learn more, see Manage tags.

    Customer PO#

    The PO the membership was sold on


    Date the membership became active


    Date the membership expires


    Status of the membership: Active, Suspended, Expired, Canceled, or Deleted

    Note: Deleting a membership is not recommended. Canceling a membership, which retains the membership in your historical records, is the recommended best practice.

    Cancellation date

    The customer’s membership is canceled on this date. Use this field if the customer intends to cancel their membership in the future.

    First billing date

    If the membership has recurring billing, this field is set to the sold date on the invoice

    Next billing date

    If the membership has recurring billing, the next date the customer is billed

    Preferred payment method

    Payment method for membership billing. This payment method is automatically charged when you process membership billing.

    Coverage Period

    How the coverage period is displayed on the billing invoices.

    Sold by

    If your payroll is set up to pay out commission on this membership, the technician or employee who earns commission for the membership sale

    Activated by

    Name of the employee who sold or converted the estimate. No commission is paid. This field cannot be edited.

    Apply member pricing

    If the membership discount should be applied to all service locations, select all locations.

    If you want the membership discount to apply to one service location only, select the service location.

    Billing template

    Click Edit to change items on the membership billing template if the customer has specialized billing needs. Changing the billing template only affects the customer’s membership and not the membership type.


    You can enter an internal memo on the membership. The memo does not appear on the customer invoice.

    Initial Deferred Revenue

    Used for imported memberships, to set their starting deferred balance.

    Renew membership with

    This is the renewal membership task in your pricebook. This task is automatically added to the renewal estimate, but it can be changed on the estimate.

    Billing Preference

    Whether the customer receives a printed or emailed invoice

    Add recurring services to

    This sets where recurring services occur for this membership.

    • All locations: The membership recurring services are applied to all of the customer’s service locations.

    • The following location: The membership recurring services are applied to this service location only.

    Recurring Services

    The recurring services included with the membership. The customer is not charged for these services. To update:

    • Click the Trashcan icon to remove a service.

    • Click Add Recurring Service and select a service from the drop-down list to add a new one.

  5. Click Save.

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