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Reclassify and edit callsLast updated on 03/22/2022

Things to know

  • To listen to call recordings, permission must be enabled in the employee profile (Settings > Employees > Permissions). This permission is turned on by default.

  • To reclassify calls, permission must be enabled in the employee profile (Settings > Employees > Permissions > Reclassify Call). This permission is turned off by default.

When to reclassify calls

  • A CSR forgets to click the incoming green call bubble.

  • A CSR answers a call that is not related to customer business at all (for example, a wrong number), but the call is automatically classified as a lead.

  • A CSR answers a call and books a job, but the CSR was accidentally logged in under another CSR profile.

In cases like the above, you will want to reclassify the call.

How to reclassify and edit calls

ServiceTitan automatically records all calls answered within the office. If the CSR has clicked the green call bubble while on the phone with the customer, ServiceTitan will automatically attach the call to the appropriate CSR, customer record, and service location record.

You can access call recordings at any time, and you may also reclassify and edit calls.

  1. Navigate to the call. There are several ways to navigate to calls in ServiceTitan:

    • Click on a call from the Unbooked Calls section on the main dashboard (Dashboard > Unbooked Calls).

    • Use the Search page (Search > Call).

    • Click on the call from the customer or location record (Search > customer or Search > location).

    • Click on the call from the Agent Scorecard (Dashboard > Agent Scorecards).

  2. Click on the call to bring up the Call Playback dialog box. On the Call Playback dialog box, click I’d like to reclassify the call. You may click Correct to confirm that the call was correctly classified by ServiceTitan. Up until you click Correct, you will always have the option to re-classify the call. If you do nothing, the ServiceTitan classification will automatically apply.

  3. When you click I’d like to reclassify the call, another dialog box appears. Use this dialog box to reclassify or edit the call as desired (follow the steps below).

  4. To reclassify the call, select one of the following:

    • This was not a service request. Excuse it. (The call will be reclassified as an Excused Call).

    • This was a service request that was not booked. (The call will be reclassified as an Unbooked Call).

    • This call was related to an existing job. (The call will be attached to the job record).

    • A job was booked for this call. (The call will be reclassified as a Booked Call). When you manually reclassify a call as a booked call, you will be asked to enter the job number of the job that was booked.

  5. To change the CSR, use the dropdown menu under Who took the call? ServiceTitan will automatically assign the call to the CSR who was logged in when the call was answered. It is important to assign calls to the correct CSR to ensure that the data on the CSR Scorecard is correct.

  6. To add a call reason, use the dropdown menu for Select a call reason. The dropdown menu will list the call reasons configured in your settings.

  7. To configure call reasons, navigate to Settings > Call Reasons. To add notes to the call, enter text in Additional details.

  8. When you are finished, click Update.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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