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How to customize the Opportunity Status filter for expiring membershipsLast updated on 09/09/2022

How to create a custom Opportunity Status

Once these features are enabled for your account, you’ll see Custom Follow Up in your Settings menu (Custom Follow Up will be located under Operations).

To create a custom Opportunity Status, complete the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Custom Follow Up.

  2. Choose the category where you would like to create the custom Opportunity Status: Not Attempted, Unreachable, Contacted, Won, or Dismissed. The category you choose will dictate how these renewal opportunities will appear in KPIs and reporting.

  3. Click Add Item next to the desired category.

  4. Enter the Name for the status. Make sure to choose a name everyone can understand (especially if you use a call center). This will be what everyone will see on Follow Up screen.

  5. Make sure the Active toggle ON (when on, the toggle is blue).

  6. When you are done, click Save.

How to deactive or reactivate an Opportunity Status

To deactivate an Opportunity Status:

  1. Go to Settings > Custom Follow Up.

  2. Click the name of the Opportunity Status.

  3. Click the blue Active toggle to deactivate (the toggle will turn grey).

To reactivate an Opportunity Status:

  1. Go to Settings > Custom Follow Up.

  2. Click the name of the deactivated Opportunity Status (you may need to click Show/hide inactive).

  3. Click the Active toggle (it will turn from grey to blue).

  4. Click Save.

How to update the Opportunity Status of renewal opportunities

You can change the Opportunity Status of any expiring membership (you can also make bulk changes). When you change the Opportunity Status, this will override the current Opportunity Status of the expiring membership.

  1. Go to the Expiring Memberships tab.

  2. Select expiring memberships as desired.

  3. Click Bulk Edit.

  4. Select Set Opportunity Status.

  5. Choose the new Opportunity Status. You may select any custom opportunity status you have created.

  6. Click Apply.

How to filter the Expiring Memberships tab using a custom Opportunity Status

You will be able to filter the Expiring Memberships tab by any Opportunity Status, including any Opportunity Status you created in Settings > Custom Follow Up.

Note: You may set multiple filters as desired.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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