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Manage customer relocationLast updated on 01/04/2023

This article explains what to do when a customer moves out of their current location and what to do when a new customer moves into a location you have worked at in the past.

When a customer moves out

When a customer moves out, add their new location, update their billing address and remove the old location.

Add the new location
  1. From the Call Booking screen, enter the customer’s name and click Search icon-search.png.

  2. Select the customer name, close the pop-up, and click New Location. Note: New Location is only available after you have selected the customer, otherwise you see New Customer.

  3. Enter the customer’s new address.

  4. Click Save.

  5. If the customer is on the phone, book the job. After you have added the customer’s new location, you need to update their billing address.

  6. Search for the customer and open their customer record.

  7. Click Editicon-pencil.png.

  8. Add the new billing address.

  9. Click Save.

Remove the old location

To maintain a record of the work done at this location, move the address to a placeholder customer until a new customer moves in. You should create one placeholder customer that you move all of your locations to when someone moves out of them. For example, move old addresses to a customer named "New Homeowner".

  1. Create a new customer named "New Homeowner". This will be the customer record that holds all of the locations you have worked on that someone has moved out of.

  2. Search for the customer who just moved.

  3. In the customer record, click the location they are leaving. The customer location record opens with the old address.

  4. Click Editicon-pencil.png.

  5. Enter “New Homeowner” in the Name and Customer fields.

  6. Delete any phone numbers or emails.

  7. Click Save. The customer's old address is now under the New Homeowner customer record, along with other addresses customers have moved from.

When a customer moves to a location you've worked at

If a new or active customer moves into a location you have serviced in the past, add them as a new customer and book the job. After the call, merge your new customer's location record with the old location record that has details of the work done at that location.

Add the new customer
  1. Add the customer from the Call Booking screen and book the job.

  2. In the navigation bar, click Search search-icon.

  3. Click the dropdown and select Location.

  4. Search for the address that the customer moved to. More than one instance of the address will return.

  5. Open the old Location Record. The one without your new customer’s name.

  6. Click Edit icon-pencil.png.

  7. Enter “Location History” in the Name field.

  8. Enter your new customer’s name in the Customer field.

  9. Click Save.

Merge the records
  1. In the top navigation bar, click Settings icon-settings.png.

  2. In the side panel, click Tools > Merge Locations.

  3. Enter your new customer’s name into the search and select the record you want to merge to.

  4. Select the address named Location History as the duplicate you want merged into the above location.

  5. Click Merge.

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