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Use custom repairs with Pricebook ProLast updated on 09/09/2022

Custom repairs, a feature in Pricebook Pro, allow you to invoice for anything that may not have a distinct Pricebook service, like repairing an old air conditioning unit. While at a job, technicians choose the custom repair that matches their estimate of projected time and material costs.

Things to know

  • Custom repair services are included in Pricebook Pro for both plumbing and HVAC.

  • Use a custom repair by estimating the material cost and the time to complete a service, then find that item in your pricebook to add to an invoice.

  • Use the Price Setup Wizard to calculate the price for each custom repair service rather than manually calculating the price while at a job. For more information, see Price Setup Wizard.

Read custom repairs

When you use Pricebook Pro, you have access to custom repairs. Rather than manually adding a pricebook item for every combination of sold hours and material costs, use the preloaded custom repairs in Pricebook Pro when you need to invoice an item that is not in your pricebook. Each custom repair name in your pricebook communicates three types of information: the type of repair, how long the task will take to complete, and cost. This means that every custom repair task is named differently.

A custom repair called CHR-4.25.0125 offers this information:

  • CHR: custom HVAC repair

  • 4.25: four hours, 15 minutes of labor

  • 0125: $125 in material costs

A custom repair called CPR-2.50.0975 offers this information:

  • CPR: custom plumbing repair

  • 2.50: two hours, 30 minutes or labor

  • 0975: $975 in material costs

For example, an HVAC technician is repairing an old unit and there is no repair service in their pricebook for the work they need to complete the job. They determine the repair will take one hour and the materials cost is $25.

The technician would navigate to the Pricebook and add a repair by selecting HVAC > Custom HVAC Repairs > 1 Hour of Labor (HVAC) >1 Hour of Labor (HVAC) and select CHR-1.00.0025 > Done > Save.

For more on adding a customer repair task to an invoice, see Add sub-items, custom repairs for OEM services in Pricebook Pro.

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