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Create and edit proposal templatesLast updated on 03/22/2022

Group multiple estimate templates on proposal templates so your technicians can offer curated good/better/best estimate options. Your customers can select the estimate that best fits their needs and receive an efficient, consistent sales experience.

Things to know

  • Before creating a proposal template, make sure you create the estimate templates you want to include on the template.

  • You can save draft versions of incomplete proposal templates. Publish them to make them visible in ServiceTitan Mobile.

Create a proposal template

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Pricebook. In the side menu, click Templates. Your template library opens.

  2. Click the Create dropdown and select Proposal template.

    The Create Proposal Template pop-up opens.

  3. In the Proposal Template Name field of, enter a name for your template.

  4. To restrict the template by business units (BUs), click the Carat of the Business Units field and select the BUs you want to grant access to. Note: Only technicians assigned to the selected BUs can view the proposal template in ServiceTitan Mobile.

  5. Enter any additional details in the Proposal Template Summary field.

  6. When you’re done, click Continue to edit the proposal template.

Edit a proposal template

When you create or view a proposal template, the Edit Proposal Template screen opens. A searchable library of active estimate templates displays on the side of the screen.

To edit the proposal template:

  1. Click the Proposal Type dropdown and select a proposal type.

    A slot is created on the template for every proposal type option.

  2. From the Estimate Template Library, drag and drop estimate templates for each option slot.

    Note: If an option slot is filled, dragging and dropping an estimate template on it replaces it.

  3. When you’re done editing the proposal template, click Save and Publish. Or, if you want to save your changes without making the template available to technicians, click Save as Draft.

Manage proposal templates

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Pricebook. In the side menu, click Templates. Your template library opens.

  2. Click the Proposal Templates tab to view a table of your proposal templates.

  3. Click Filters to apply filters to find specific proposal templates.

  4. To manage an estimate template, click More ⠇ and select an item from the menu:

    • View/Edit Details—Open and edit the proposal template details

    • Duplicate—Create a copy of the proposal template

    • Revert to Draft—Temporarily hide the proposal template from view in ServiceTitan Mobile for additional editing

    • Deactivate—Remove the proposal template from use

      Note: Use the menu to activate a deactivated template.

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