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Complete a job with ServiceTitan MobileLast updated on 03/02/2023

To complete a job in ServiceTitan Mobile app, you need to complete required forms, finalize the invoice, accept payment if the customer is paying right now, and get the customer’s signature on the final invoice.

Things to know

  • Additional steps may be required for your business’s job workflow. Check with your field manager to learn more about any additional steps you need to complete.

  • If there are any estimates without any items, equipment, attachments, or form findings on them in the job, you will be prompted to delete these empty estimates before closing out the job. An estimate might be worth $0 but could still have something on it; as long as it has at least one item, equipment, attachment, or finding on it, a $0 estimate is not considered empty and you will not be prompted to delete it.

  • If any required forms haven’t been completed or required signatures not collected, you will not be able to tap CLOSEOUT.

Complete the job

You should not complete a job if there are more appointments or technicians still on the job. Any technicians who are working or scheduled on other appointments, will lose access to the job when it is completed.

There are a few things that block a job from being completed:

  • A required form needs to be filled out

  • Required signatures need to be collected

  • Required equipment details need to be entered

  • Work needs to be scheduled on a sold estimate

  1. Tap CLOSEOUT at the bottom of the left sidebar.

  2. Tap Complete the Job.

  3. Tap CLOSEOUT at the bottom of the screen. You will not be able to complete this step if there are forms to be filled out, signatures to be collected, missing equipment details or additional work to be scheduled.

  4. Review if any technicians will be impacted, or if there are more appointments scheduled on the job.

  5. Confirm you want to proceed by tapping COMPLETE JOB.

  • If the job has an open opportunity and you have permission to use the Follow Ups tab, you see Follow up details.

  • By default, a follow up date is set two days ahead. Tap Edit to change the follow up date and time.

  • When finished, tap OK. You see the new follow up date and time in Follow up details. Tap DONE to close the job out. You see the confirmed follow up date:

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