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Commonly used ServiceTitan permissionsLast updated on 03/22/2022

Which permission allows me to...

Delete items from an invoice?
  • For office employees: Delete Invoice Item

  • For technicians: Technicians are automatically granted the ability to delete invoice items.

Deactivate a location or customer?
  • For office employees: Activate/deactivate location, Activate/deactivate customer

  • For technicians: Technicians are unable to deactivate locations or customers.

Delete or edit payments?
  • For office employees: Edit Payment, Delete Payment

  • For technicians: Edit Payment (edit memo only)

Listen to phone calls?
  • For office employees: Listen to Call Recording

  • For technicians: Listen To Call Recording (mobile)

View, edit, or delete notes?
  • For office employees: Edit Note, Delete Note (employees automatically have access to view notes)

  • For technicians: View Job Notes (technicians with this permission may view all job notes in the customer history)

Find a report I’m looking for?
  • For office employees: Each report category requires a separate permission. For more information, see Set reporting permissions.

  • For technicians: Technicians are not able to run reports. However, the office may schedule a report to be sent to a technician.

Fill out or edit a form?
  • For office employees: The required permission will depend on where the form is assigned. (For example, if the form has been assigned to Customer, the employee would need permission enabled for Edit Customer Forms.) See Explanation of office employee permissions in ServiceTitan for more information on View Call Forms and Tags, Edit Calls Forms and Tags, Edit Customer Forms, Edit Location Forms, and Edit Equipment Forms.

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