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Customer invoice configurationsLast updated on 03/02/2023

To help better serve the unique needs of your business, you can customize your invoices with the different configurations we offer. See the table below for details about each configuration you can enable.

Common invoice configurations summary

Show technician name on printed invoice

This customization will show the technician's name on the invoice. This can be useful for your customers if you ever ask them to write a review based on your technician's performance.

Note: If you have Show technician name on printed invoice enabled you can also enable Show technician License Number on Invoice and Estimate which will display technician license number.

Show member savings on printed invoice

If you offer any sort of discount to those customers of yours who have a membership, you can show them how much they saved by being a member. An added advantage of this is that if a customer is not a member, it will show them the potential savings they could have earned if they were a member, enticing them to see the advantages of becoming a member.

Hide item prices

If you would rather not show your customers how much your individual services cost them, you can enable this customization to only show the service codes, names, quantity, and total of the invoice.

Hide items

This configuration hides all items on an invoice except for the Invoice Summary, meaning only what your technician writes in the Summary section on their mobile app will show up on the invoice. No services or individual prices will show up. Only a Total will appear.

Auto set invoice number as job id

This configuration will give your invoices the same number as the Job number, allowing for a bit more ease when trying to find an invoice for a specific job.

Prepopulate invoice date with job completion date

This will set the date on the invoice to the date of the job completion. If this configuration is not turned on, you will manually have to set the invoice date for each job. Note: Consider about Automatically set Payroll Date setting if Use Payroll Date setting is enabled.

Enable task name on invoice print

This configuration shows a task name on the invoice or estimate item description.

Enable Payment Terms

This lets you create and assign terms to customers which allows due dates to be established. This helps you better manage what is owed to them by their customers and what you owe to vendors.

Allow changing a customer for adjustment invoices

When you create an adjustment invoice, you can change the customer that the adjustment invoice is created for and billed to.

Enable separate print adjustment invoices for another contact

When printing the original invoice, the adjustment invoice that has a different bill-to will not be visible on the original invoice. This configuration is on by default.

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