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Chat benefits and use casesLast updated on 03/22/2022

With Chat, you can reply to text messages from your customers and deliver a modern, convenient customer experience to win, delight, and keep customers.


  • Since phone calls require more time and attention, then a text conversation, many customers prefer to communicate via text. When they are forced to make phone calls, they may delay or even fail to initiate critical communications like booking and rescheduling jobs, causing you to lose revenue. Chat allows them to text rather than call.

  • Verbal communication can sometimes lead to misunderstandings of key details. With Chat, customers have text messages to refer back to as a reliable source of information about their jobs.

  • Customers may not have the technical knowledge, vocabulary, or understanding to accurately describe the problems they are having. Using Chat, they can take pictures or videos and send them to a local number. Using their pictures or videos, you can accurately assess what is going on and book the right kind of job. To learn more, see Receive images and videos from customers.

Use cases

  • For customers who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech-impaired, Chat is an efficient and reliable way to communicate.

  • You would like to create a new revenue stream for leads that directly text to book. You can update your ads, website, and email communication to let leads know that you have certain numbers set up as text-to-book numbers.

  • You are having a busy day and have many incoming calls and messages. With Chat, CSRs can chat with multiple customers at once, instead of being forced to communicate with only one customer at a time on a phone call, leading to more timely responses.

  • After you send a customer a booking confirmation or reminder, the customer replies to acknowledge the booking. This ensures that you are dispatching your technicians to confirmed jobs.

  • The customer provides or seeks clarification related to a job. For example, the customer could provide a gate code, let you know who will be answering the door, or notify you that they will be home soon. The more information you have, the more likely you are to complete a more successful job.

  • The customer reschedules or cancels a job. When a customer cancels or reschedules a job ahead of time, you can better plan your schedule, ensuring less revenue loss through wasted dispatches.

  • The customer requests a quote for a new job or follows up on a quote. With the quick turnaround that Chat enables, you will be able to follow up on potential business in a timely way.

  • The customer asks for an invoice for a previous job. Helping customers with their records turns existing customers into repeat customers.

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