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Charge for materials on invoices and estimatesLast updated on 03/22/2022

When your account is configured for chargeable materials, you have the option to charge a customer for material items. Material items appear as a line items on the customer invoice.

Things to know

  • Chargeable materials are useful if you sell materials to customers on top of the services offered in your pricebook. For example, on an HVAC job, a customer requests an extra air filter. The technician adds the filter to the invoice and selects the option to Charge for material. The invoice lists the replacement filter as a separate line item with its own price.

  • Material items have both a cost and a price. The cost is what you pay for the material and is not visible to customers. The price is the customer-facing price that you charge for the material.

  • If you use QuickBooks, set up QuickBooks to use chargeable materials.

  • Material costs are factored into job costing, regardless if they are chargeable or not.

Add chargeable materials to an invoice from the office

Note: Use the same steps to add chargeable materials to an estimate.

  1. On the invoice, add a material as you normally would.

  2. Select Charge for Material to charge the customer for the material item.

    Note: If the Unit Price is $0.00, the material item price is not set in your pricebook. You can enter the unit price manually or edit your pricebook to set the price and re-add the item.

  3. To apply add-on pricing, select Add-On Material.

  4. If needed, update the quantity.

  5. Click Save to add the material to the invoice.

Add chargeable materials to an invoice in ServiceTitan Mobile

  1. In ServiceTitan Mobile, from the job invoice screen, tap Actions and select Materials from the dropdown.

  2. Tap Add to view the materials list.

  3. Tap the material item name to open it. Note: Do not tap Add.

  4. After the material item screen opens, enable the Charge for material? toggle.

  5. Adjust the item quantity as needed.

  6. Tap Add to Invoice.

How chargeable materials appear on customer invoices

When you send the invoice to the customer, the customer sees the material charge as a separate line item under Chargeable Materials.

Set up chargeable materials in your pricebook

Note: Chargeable materials are for flat-rate billing only. Chargeable materials cannot be used for time and materials billing.

To set pricing for material items:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Pricebook.

  2. In the side menu, click Materials.

  3. Click into the material item you want to update.

  4. Click the Details tab to enter applicable customer prices. You can set standard and member pricing as well as add-on pricing. The price fields are the same fields you enter for services or equipment.

    Note: Material costs are treated as a job cost on invoices, payroll, and reports, regardless of whether or not you charge the customer for the material item. If your account is configured with the Price Setup Wizard, you can run the Price Setup Wizard to set material prices. The Price Setup Wizard updates material prices, not the material costs.

  5. Make sure to map material charges to the correct general ledger (GL) account so that revenue is applied accurately when the invoice is exported.

  6. If material charges are taxable, select Taxable.

  7. Use the Hours field to enter sold hours. This is the same as entering sold hours for services. Note: Depending on your payroll configuration, you might be required to enter sold hours. If you have questions, please contact your success or implementation manager.

  8. When you're finished, click Save.

Set up chargeable materials in bulk

To set up your customer-facing material prices in bulk, use the Pricebook Excel template to export your pricebook.

When your account is configured to charge for materials, the following columns are added to the Materials tab in the Pricebook Excel template.

  • Price

  • Member Price

  • Add On Price

  • Add On Member Price

  • Hours

  • $ Bonus

  • % Bonus

  • Pays Commission

  • Pay Tech Specific Bonus

Use these columns to edit material items and import your updated pricebook back into ServiceTitan.


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