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Manage recurring servicesLast updated on 05/03/2023

Memberships typically include recurring services, which are service or maintenance visits for a customer’s service location. You can edit a recurring service from the service location record. For example, you can change a customer’s weekly landscaping visits from Monday to Wednesday.

Things to know

  • Based on frequency settings, recurring services generate recurring events, which can then be booked into jobs.

  • Recurring events appear in the Upcoming Appointments section of the Follow Up screen based on the filters you set.

  • The recurring services settings are used to pre-fill job details, but you can edit job information if, for example, a preferred technician is unavailable.

  • If you add a recurring service to an existing membership, the customer is not billed.

  • On a customer’s membership record, click View Audit Trail to view all edits to a membership and a membership’s recurring services. This makes it easier to identify who made edits and to resolve customer issues.

Edit recurring services at a service location

  1. Search for and open the service location record.

  2. Go to the Recurring Services section and click a recurring service to edit it.

  3. Enter any changes to the recurring service.

    1. Recurring Service Type: The type of recurring service. Changing a recurring service type clears the previously entered information in the recurring service record.

    2. Name: The name of the recurring service as it appears in your system. The name does not appear on the invoice.

    3. Tags: The tags that are attached to the service location.

    4. Memo: A note attached to the recurring event and upcoming appointment record.

    5. Invoice Template: The invoice template includes the services performed during the recurring event. This is used to generate the invoice for the recurring event. Tip: Typically, the invoice template total equals $0.00. Recurring services are usually included with a membership, which is billed separately.

    6. Business Unit: The business unit associated with the service. This is used in job booking.

    7. Job Type: The job type associated with the service. This is used in job booking.

    8. Campaign: The marketing campaign associated with the service. This is used in job booking.

    9. Priority: The priority set when booking the job.

    10. Preferred Technician: The preferred technician when booking the job. Note: If a service location has a preferred technician, the recurring service preferred technician takes precedence.

    11. Job Summary: The job summary for the service when booking the job

    12. Recurrence Type: Unit of time the service repeats:

      1. Weekly

      2. Monthly

      3. Seasonal

      4. Daily

      5. Monthly (On the Nth weekday of the month)

    13. Recurrence Interval: How often the service is performed based on recurrence type. For example, if the Recurrence Type is Monthly and the Recurrence Interval is 3, the service occurs every 3 months.

    14. Recurrence Months: If the Recurrence Type is Seasonal, recurring events are scheduled for every selected month on the day of the month the membership is purchased.

      Note: The day of the month can be edited in the service location’s recurring service record. 

    15. Duration Type: Service is continuous or a fixed number of visits.

    16. From: The date the recurring service begins. The day of the month is used to set monthly and seasonal recurring events.

    17. # of Total Visits: If Duration Type is fixed, the total number of visits included with the service. Tip: If the Recurrence Type is Seasonal, the total visits should be equal to the number of Recurrence Months selected.

    18. First visit already complete: If a service is performed at the time of purchase, select to subtract one visit from the # of Total Visits.

  4. When you’re finished, click Save.

Add a recurring service at a service location

You can add a recurring service to a service location by adding it to an active membership at that location. When you add a recurring service to an existing membership, the customer is not billed.

Tip: If you want to bill a customer for a recurring service, add the recurring service to an invoice or sell the service as a membership add-on during the initial membership sign-up.

Adding a recurring service to a membership should only be done to correct a mistake or to offer complimentary services to a customer.

  1. Search for and open the service location record.

  2. Go to the Memberships section and click the membership you want to add a service to.

  3. From the membership, click Edit > Add Recurring Service.

  4. From the Add Recurring Service dropdown, select the recurring service you want to add then fill out the details. 

  5. When you’re finished, click Save.

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