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Change the Customer on an Existing Location RecordLast updated on 07/05/2022

If a location shows up under the incorrect customer’s name, the Customer field on that location can be changed by editing the location record.

Change a customer

To change the customer associated with an existing location record, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to the Location record page.

  2. From the Location record page, click the Edit Pencil.

  3. From the Edit Location page, clear the existing incorrect name in the Customer field. Also within that field, start to type the name you would like to be associated with this location record. As you type in the name, you will see a dropdown of potential matches appear.

    Continue to type the customer’s name until the correct name appears in the dropdown, then select that name.

  4. Click Save. The location record will now be associated with the customer you chose from the dropdown.

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