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Camera Data overviewLast updated on 05/01/2023

The Camera Data section is a centralized repository to review all video based events that have been captured within your fleet of vehicles . In Camera Data you can:

  • View video events from vehicle cameras

  • Download video events to your local drive

  • Request video events for the past 90 days

Video events

Video events inside the vehicle are triggered automatically when the dashboard camera detects certain driver behaviors, such as eating/drinking, smoking, or using a mobile device while driving. When these behaviors are detected, the camera automatically starts recording.

Video events outside the vehicle are triggered automatically when the dashboard camera detects certain vehicle motion, such as hard braking, harsh left turn, or sudden acceleration. When these are detected, the camera automatically starts recording.

View Camera Data

To access the Camera Data table, go to Fleet Pro > Fleet Data > Camera Data.

The Camera Data table lists video events captured for the last 90 days. The table also lets you view information about the captured events such as:

  • Event that triggered the video recording

  • Driver of the vehicle

  • Vehicle name

  • Date when the video was captured

  • Time when the video was captured

  • Address where the video was captured

  • Coordinates where the video was captured

Note: Video events captured range from 10 to ~20 seconds long.

You can also sort the table by columns, search by keywords you enter, and filter for specific events based on filters you define.

View video events

  1. Go to the Camera Data page.

  2. Click on a row under the Events Captured column on the Camera Data table. The video playback screen opens.

  3. Click the Play icon to play the video events.

Video playback controls

When you hover your mouse over the video screen, the video playback controls appear.

The video playback controls let you do the following:

  • Play/Pause: Play or pause the video.

  • Video timeline: Jump back or ahead in time on the video events.

  • Zoom In: Zoom in the video.

  • Zoom Out: Zoom out the video.

  • Speed: Increase or decrease the video playback speed.

  • Audio On/Off: Turn audio of the video on or off.

  • Screenshot: Take a screenshot of the video.

  • Swap View: Switch between camera views. You can toggle between the front camera view or the driver-facing view.

  • Dual View On/Off: Enable or disable the mini video screen on the top right corner of the video screen.

  • Download: Download the video into your local drive.

  • Full Screen: Expand the video to full screen mode.

Download video events

To download the video events, find the events you want to download on the Camera Table and click Download icon-download. The downloaded video file is placed into your system’s default location for downloaded files.

Request video events

In instances where the video events you want to view aren’t listed on the table, you can create a video request from a specific vehicle within a specific time range. You can only make one video request at a time.

Video events obtained from video requests appear on the Camera Data table with the request name specified under the Events Captured column.

Note: A video request can take from a few minutes to over an hour to process. The wireless coverage in the vehicle’s location impacts the video upload time. The vehicle’s camera needs to be powered on to access the video.

To create a video request:

  1. On the Camera Data table, click Request Video on the top right. The Request video screen opens.

  2. Enter the following information:

    • Request Name: Enter a name for your request.

    • Vehicle: Select the vehicle from which you want to view video events.

    • Time: Enter the time when the video was recorded.

    • Duration: Enter the length of the video. You can enter a duration of up to 60 minutes.

    • Date: Enter the date when the video was recorded. Video can only be requested for 90 days up to the current date.

  3. Click Next. The Request video confirmation screen opens.

  4. Click Confirm Request.

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