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Call technicians from the Dispatch BoardLast updated on 04/19/2023

Easily call your technicians from the Dispatch Board. This lets you complete dispatch and technician related tasks, including calls, all in one place.

Things to know

  • If you’re having trouble making a call, make sure you’ve entered a phone number for your user profile. Go to Settings > People > Employees and click Edit next to your name. Scroll down to Contact Information and make sure a number is listed under Office Phone.

  • Technicians need a mobile number in their profile. To check or add a technician phone number, go to Settings > People > Technicians and find the technician profile you want to verify or update. For more, see Add and manage technician profiles.

  • This feature is similar to calling customers from ServiceTitan. For more, see Place outbound calls.

  • Calls made to technicians from the Dispatch Board are not recorded.

Call a technician from the Dispatch Board

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Dispatch.

  2. Find the technician you want to call and click their name.

  3. From the dropdown menu that opens, click Call technician.

  4. A prompt opens at the top of your screen. Click OK.

  5. Click OK. A banner appears to let you know ServiceTitan is calling you.

    Note: If you don't have a direct phone number on file, you see the following prompt. Enter your phone number and click OK.

  6. Answer the phone to connect to the technician. Once connected, you'll hear ringing on the other end.

  7. When you're finished with the call, click End Call.

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