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Review customer messages, media, and callsLast updated on 09/14/2022

If a job was booked from a recorded call or a message sent through Chat, technicians can review them using the ServiceTitan Mobile app to gain context while preparing to complete the job.

Things to know

  • If a customer sent photos or videos in Chat while booking a job, they are shown while reviewing Chat threads.

  • The Read-only Access to Customer Chats permission is required to review Chat messages from customers.

  • The Listen to Call Recording permission is required to listen to calls from customers.

Listen to call recordings

  1. In ServiceTitan Mobile, go to the job.

  2. Tap Call recording and a recording of the call will play.

Review Chat messages

  1. In ServiceTitan Mobile, go to the job.

  2. Tap Chat History. If the customer sent multiple chats using different phone numbers, each is listed with the most recent chat first. Tap a phone number to review messages.

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