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Set up call reasonsLast updated on 09/14/2022

Set up your call reasons to drive your call metrics, CSR performance data, and marketing reports. You can run reports and listen to call recordings to make sure the correct call reason is applied.

Things to know

  • Read about call classifications to understand the importance of call reasons.

  • For more information about editing calls and listening to calls, see Reclassify and edit calls.

  • ServiceTitan treats all calls lasting over 60 seconds as potential leads that can be converted into booked jobs unless the call is specifically indicated as not a lead. You can set up Call Reasons that automatically excuse calls as not a lead. For more information, see Set up a Call Reason as a lead vs. not a lead.

Close out a call, if no job is booked

If a CSR hangs up the phone and the call did not result in a booked job:

  • The call bubble goes gray.

  • The call bubble remains on the Call Booking screen until the CSR closes out the call.

  • To close out the call, the CSR needs to click the X in the call bubble. The CSR is prompted to enter a Call Reason.

The call reason determines whether or not the call is treated as a lead. Note: Once the CSR clicks Book Job, the call the CSR is on is immediately cleared off the Call Booking screen. There's no need to close out the call or select a call reason. The call is automatically classified as a Booked Call.

Set up a Call Reason as a lead vs. not a lead

  1. In ServiceTitan, go to Settings > Call Reasons.

On the Call Reasons screen, the Is Lead checkbox determines how the call gets classified in ServiceTitan when this Call Reason is applied.

Checkbox Name

Classification Reason

Call Classification

Is Lead is checked

This call was a legitimate lead that should have been converted into a job. Examples:

  • Saw billboard ad

  • HVAC inquiry

  • Wanted price over the phone

  • Customer called to cancel

  • No one available (could not assign a technician)

  • The call will be classified as an Unbooked Call.

  • The call will count against the CSR's conversion rate.

Is Lead is not checked

This call shouldn't be treated as a lead. Examples:

  • Wrong numbers

  • Personal phone calls

  • UPS is calling

  • A vendor is calling

  • Customer location is outside service area

  • Customer wants a call back with an estimate (was not going to book now)

  • The call will be classified as an Excused Call.

  • The call will not count against the CSR's conversion rate.

Note: Although ServiceTitan doesn’t allow you to delete a Call Reason to maintain the integrity of your reporting, you can Deactivate a Call Reason if desired. CSRs may no longer use this Call Reason.

Add a call reason

  1. Go to Settings > Operations > Call Reasons.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter a name for the Call Reason. Make sure it's something descriptive, so CSRs understand it and it has a meaning in your reporting.

  4. Select the Is Lead? checkbox if the call is to be treated as a lead.

  5. When you are done, click Save.

Edit a call reason

To edit a call reason:

  1. Go to Settings > Operations > Call Reasons.

  2. Find the call reason you want to edit and click Edit.

  3. In the window that opens, make updates as needed and click Save when finished. 

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