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Office Activities ReportLast updated on 03/22/2022

Use the Office Activities Report to review office employee activity in ServiceTitan. The report, based on the Office Audit Trail report template, includes what types of actions employees perform including updating invoices and estimates, and incoming and outgoing calls.

Run report

Before running the report, add filter details to narrow your results:

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Reports. In the side menu, click All Reports.

  2. Click Office Activities Report to open it. Tip: In the search field, enter a few letters from the report title for quick access.

  3. Use the From and To calendar fields to set a range of dates to report on.

  4. Use the Employees dropdown to select which employees you want to include in the report. Otherwise, the report includes all employees.Note: If you add employee business unit (BU) filters, make sure the employees you select are assigned to the selected BUs.

  5. From the Employee Business Unit dropdown, select the employee business units (BUs) you want to report on. By default, the report runs for all BUs. You can filter your report by business units or business unit categories:

    • Click the dropdown to select individual BUs.

    • Click the Filter icon to select BU categories.

  6. Use the Job Business Unit filter to report on jobs assigned to specific business units.

  7. Click the Job Type filter and select which job types to include in your report.

  8. Click the Action Type dropdown to select which types of employee activities you want to report on:

    • Inbound Calls—Employee receives a call

    • Outbound Calls—Employee places a call

    • Job Updates—Employee updates a job record

    • Estimate Updates—Employee updates an estimate

    • Invoice Updates—Employee updates an invoice

  9. When you’re done setting your filters, click Run Report.

Read report results

Your report results display in a table based on the filters you set. The Office Activities Report includes the following columns:

  • Date—Date of the office activity

  • Time—Time of the office activity

  • Name—Name of the employee

  • Action Type—Type of employee activity

  • Action Performed—Description of activity Note: Click an action performed to open the record where the action was made in a new tab.

Customize your report

For further customization, you can also arrange and filter your results.

You can also schedule the report to be delivered by email on a regular basis.

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