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Book sold estimate items into existing jobsLast updated on 04/06/2022

If a customer has purchased multiple estimates and you want to do the work for them all in one job — or if you forgot to add an item to a job — you can book the items into an existing job.

Things to know

  • The Select Existing Job button will not appear if:

    • The sold by credit on the estimate items being added doesn’t match the sold by credit on the job you are adding items to.

    • The job you are trying to book estimate items into is the same job that created those estimate items.

    • The job that the estimate items were created on and the job that you are trying to add estimate items to are not in the same project.

Book items from sold estimates into existing jobs

  1. Go to the project that has the job with the sold estimate as well as the job into which you want to book items from the sold estimate. Tip: You can use Search to find the project, one of the jobs within the project, or the customer/service location for the project and jobs.

  2. Make sure that both jobs are in the same project, and then click on the job with the sold estimate.

  3. Click the sold estimate for the job.

  4. Click View Sold Estimate.

  5. Check the estimate items you would like to book into the existing job. You can also click Check All to include all of them.

  6. After you have chosen the sold estimate items, click Select existing job.

  7. In the pop-up, click the correct existing job, and then click SUBMIT.

    Note: If you are using the new Inventory and Purchasing or Purchasing module, choose which assigned technician(s), if any, has their inventory affected by the booking, before you click SUBMIT. To learn more, see Select a technician for an item on a job.

  8. Back on the sold estimate screen, you see the job number for the existing job you chose next to the sold estimate item.

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