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Book a recall or warranty jobLast updated on 02/23/2023

If you previously booked a job with a customer but the original issue persists—or if a new problem comes up—you can book a recall job to resolve the problem. Or, if you sold a piece of equipment to a customer and it’s still under warranty but something goes wrong, you can book a warranty job to fix the equipment.

Both recall and warranty jobs are No Charge, Non-Convertible jobs, which mean that customers won’t be charged for the job and that the assigned technician isn’t expected to sell an estimate on the job.

Things to know

  • Like other No Charge, Non-Convertible jobs, recall and warranty jobs do not affect technician conversion rates.

  • If the invoice subtotal for a recall or warranty job is greater than or equal to the sold threshold, the job is considered to be converted. For more, see Mark jobs as no charge or non-opportunity by default.

  • If you’ve set recall, warranty, and lead guides, you can book recall and warranty jobs from the Call Booking screen. If you haven’t, you can book a recall or warranty job from an existing job.

  • Once created, recall and warranty jobs are automatically linked to the original job.

  • If equipment has been added to the job location and Attach Equipment to Job has been set up to a job preference, you can attach equipment when booking a job. For more, see Set up ability to attach equipment to a job

  • When you enable the Customer PO # option, you can add the customer’s purchase order number during the job booking process.

Book a recall or warranty job

  1. Answer the customer call as normal, and click the location for the job.

    After you click the location record, you see information about the last time a technician visited that location.

  2. Click Recall or Warranty. Tip: Click Learn More to learn how and when to select recall or warranty jobs.

  3. A list of jobs you completed previously for the customer opens. Select the job that caused the recall, then click Save.

  4. Information about the job that caused the recall shows on the Overview. Enter the job booking details, then click Book Job.

    Note: If you have unique job types for recall and warranty jobs, select it when booking the job. Otherwise, choose the same job type as the previous job.

  5. The job opens and is automatically set to either a no charge / non-opportunity recall or a warranty job.

  6. Assign, dispatch, and complete the job as normal. Tip: Click the Recall or Warranty indicator next to the customer’s Bill To name to see the original job.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.