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Book a job off an email lead using Zapier integrationLast updated on 02/09/2023

You can book a job off an email lead from a third-party lead source by using an email parsing tool and the ServiceTitan-Zapier integration. This is helpful if you use a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) such as ServiceChannel, Maximo, Corrigo, or Upkeep.

With the ServiceTitan-Zapier integration and an email parser, job request leads from your email inbox go automatically to the Booking section of the Call Booking screen. This eliminates the need to view job lead emails and manually enter booking information in ServiceTitan.

Define email parsing rules

An email parser is a tool that searches and extracts specific data from incoming emails based on rules you define. The rules you define tells the email parser what data is pulled from the email message and leveraged by the ServiceTitan-Zapier integration to automatically create the booking in ServiceTitan.

Some parsing tools define the rules for you by taking an email from the parsing mailbox as a sample and automatically creating data fields. But for other tools, you need to manually define the data fields. Please see your parsing tool's documentation for steps on how to do this.

Once you define your parsing rules, most email parsing tools let you save these rules in email templates. The data fields you created here are displayed as options when you create the job booking action in Zapier.

Create a booking provider tag in ServiceTitan

Zapier requires a booking provider tag to create the booking event in ServiceTitan. You can create the booking provider tag in ServiceTitan.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings

  2. In the side panel, click Integrations > Booking Providers

  3. Click Add Tag. A form opens.

  4. Enter a name for the booking provider and a description (optional).

  5. When you’re finished, click Add.

Make note of the ID assigned to the booking provider tag you created.

Creating a job booking Zap in Zapier

To use this feature, create a Zap in Zapier that monitors your inbox based on the email parsing rules you defined and creates a booking in ServiceTitan.

  1. Create a trigger that starts the Zap.

    • App: Select your email parsing tool. Your email parsing tool must be integrated with Zapier.

    • Event: Select New Email.

    • Account: Select your email parsing tool account.

    • Mailbox: Enter the mailbox used by your email parsing tool.

    • Test trigger: Zapier examines recent emails in the specified mailbox to test the trigger. You can also select the email Zapier uses to test the trigger. Note: You must have your email parsing rules defined prior to testing your trigger. See Define email parsing rules for more details.

  2. Create the booking action.  Note: Options displayed in these fields are data extracted from the email based on the parsing rules you have defined in your email parsing tool. Click Show all options to expand the list.

    • App: Search and select ServiceTitan

    • Event: Select Create Booking.

    • Account: Select your ServiceTitan account.

    • Booking Provider: Enter the ID assigned to the booking provider tag you created for your lead source in ServiceTitan. See Create a booking provider tag in ServiceTitan for more information.

    • Source: Enter your lead source. For example, you can enter Email.

    • Name: Select the parsed customer name from the lead email. The value entered here populates the Name field on the Call Booking screen. 

    • Address: Select the address data.

    • Summary (required): Enter a summary of the job or select a parsed field from the lead email. The value entered here appears on the Summary field in the Call Booking screen.

    • Is First Time Client: Select whether the lead is a first-time client or not.

    • External ID (required): Select the ID generated by your email parsing tool. This can also be a randomly generated number.

    • Test action: Test the action you created. Zapier creates the booking event in ServiceTitan based on the trigger defined.

Book a job from an email lead

The Booking section of the Call Booking screen lists all of your incoming bookings from your email leads. After you receive a booking, review the lead details, and book the job.

For more, see Manage bookings.

Want to learn more?

See ServiceTitan Zapier integration.

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