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Improve operational efficiency, part 3: Technician trackingLast updated on 02/23/2022

Business impact

Improve operational efficiency

This playbook is the second in a series centered on helping you improve operational efficiency in your business.

Traditionally, homeowners are given a wide window of time when a technician might arrive with no visibility into when the technician is actually on their way. This lack of detailed information can lead to homeowners calling the office to ask about the technician’s arrival time. Sometimes, due to the homeowner trying to slip out and run errands in hopes they can get back before the technician arrives, it can even lead to no-shows.

With technician tracking enabled, homeowners, technicians, and business owners can have confidence in the promptness of technicians by tracking them in real time. When a dispatch notification is sent out by text or email, the customer will receive a Track Now link. Clicking the Track Now link shows the technician’s route, updated in real time. Since the Track Now link can be opened on a mobile device and not just on a computer, this allows customers to track their technician's progress on the go.

Reduced call volume

Since technician tracking enables customers to able to see that their technician is driving to them, they are reassured without having to call in to check on technician status. This greatly reduces call volume.

Reduced cancellation rates

When technician tracking is used, customers see that their technician is on their way to help them. This ensures that they are far less likely to reach out to another company to assist them.

Improved customer experience

With technician arrival tracking, customers have the freedom to go about their daily lives rather than wait all day, unsure as to exactly when their technician will show up.

Improved technician productivity

Utilizing technician tracking leads to technicians driving directly to the customer’s house after dispatch rather than making other stops. Additionally, as they are being tracked, technicians are more likely to communicate to dispatch that they need breaks instead of taking them without prior notification and planning.


You must have Native GPS enabled to use technician tracking. After Native GPS is enabled, using technician tracking is as easy as turning the feature on -- no additional training or setup required.

Enable native GPS

Before you can use technician tracking, native GPS must be enabled in ServiceTitan. Click the following link for more information: Enable native GPS on mobile devices

Enable dispatch notifications and arrival tracking.

To ensure that customers know the status of their technician, turn on dispatch notifications and arrival tracking. Click the following link for more information: How to enable dispatch notifications

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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