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Improve operational efficiency, part 1: ServiceTitan PaymentsLast updated on 02/23/2022

Business impact

Improve operational efficiency

This playbook is the first in a series centered on helping you improve operational efficiency in your business.

ServiceTitan Payments reduces non-productive downtime in the field by allowing you to process checks electronically and see funds in your account the next business day, reduces processing time in accounting, and creates a steady daily cash flow. There are no more delays as checks make their way from technicians’ trucks back to the Office, no lost or damaged checks, and no tedious reconciliation process for your accounting team.

When you process credit card payments with ServiceTitan Payments, those payments will automatically be batched each day, eliminating the need for manual reconciliation. ServiceTitan will also automatically run your recurring payments, saving you valuable time.

ServiceTitan Payments is easy to set up and should be a key part of your strategy to improve operational efficiency and productivity in your business.

Reduce downtime in the field

Using ServiceTitan Payments ensures more productive time in the field. Technicians will no longer need to bring anything into the office, except for cash. This eliminates the need for technicians to drive to the office to bring in checks. ServiceTitan Payments eliminates unnecessary downtime by allowing technicians the ability to process credit card and bank account payments directly in the field.

Reduce processing time in accounting

ServiceTitan Payments decreases the room for error and automates processing time by automatically reconciling credit card and check payments to processor payments. ServiceTitan payments ensures that batches, transactions, totals, and dates are consistent, reducing the amount of time Office employees must spend manually reconciling payment transactions. If a payment cannot be located with autobatching, ServiceTitan will send you an email alert with information regarding the transaction we were unable to locate.

Create steady daily cash flow

With ServiceTitan Payments, credit card and check transactions are deposited the next business day when transactions are processed before the cutoff time for each processor. This workflow ensures that your business has a consistent daily cash flow.


Features and functionality

ServiceTitan Payments is a one-stop-shop for your back Office and your technicians out in the field. Setting up ServiceTitan Payments allows you to process transactions both in the Office and in Mobile. You will be able to perform integrated refunds, swipe and store credit card information for recurring billing, process credit card payment directly in Mobile, use Mobile Check Capture to take photos of checks, process checks as early as the next business day, and more.

Implementing ServiceTitan Payments will ensure that you are getting the most out of ServiceTitan features and functionality for your business.

Implementation and training

Access training resources

You can access training resources to learn more about setting up and processing payment in ServiceTitan. A variety of training resources can be accessed through the Knowledge Base and Academy.

Knowledge Base

Find documentation related to ServiceTitan Payments by navigating to Knowledge Base > Payments or you can click the following links for more information:

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Enroll in courses related to ServiceTitan Payments by visiting the Academy and searching for payments or click the following links for more information:

Mobile Check Capturing

Our Payments Team will help you set up ServiceTitan Payments. Contact your success or implementation manager to get started today!

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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