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Best practices playbook: Set up the Pricebook basicsLast updated on 02/23/2022


Set up the (Pricebook) basics

Setting up the Pricebook is critical to giving your technicians a powerful selling tool when they are presenting options to customers in the field. You can add materials, services, equipment, item descriptions, photos, videos, membership tasks, categories, subcategories, and more to the Pricebook to ensure your technicians have all the tools they need.

Business impact

Grow revenue for your business

When the Pricebook basics are set up, technicians will be able to present visual options to customers, which will help them increase the average ticket, provide a better customer experience, and overcome customer objections. Setting up the Pricebook basics will grow revenue for your business.

Increase average tickets

The Pricebook is one of the main selling tools that technicians can use to help customers visualize what they are purchasing. When the Pricebook basics are set up with item descriptions, images/videos, and membership tasks, customers will better understand the value of the item they are purchasing, and technicians will become more likely to make sales.

Provide a better customer experience

Setting up the Pricebook basics provides a better customer experience. Technicians can use the Pricebook to clearly and easily communicate the value of items to customers and customers can use the Pricebook as an informative tool for becoming comfortable with the items they need.

Overcome customer objections

When setting up the Pricebook, write item descriptions in plain English and add videos. Writing item descriptions in plain English allows customers to better understand exactly what items they are purchasing, and it allows technicians to better communicate the benefits of the items customers need. Adding videos allows the customer to visually see each item in detail.

Implementation and training

Use service workflows and tools

Technicians are only as effective as they are trained to be. Using the following service workflows and tools will allow you to collaborate with your technicians and ensure your technicians have the tools they need to effectively set up the Pricebook and offer services to customers.

Pricebook setup tips and tricks

Start by setting up the ten most commonly used items. Then, continue adding Pricebook items ten items at a time. As the Pricebook is set up frequently, encourage technicians to view the updates on ServiceTitan Mobile so they can understand what their customers will see.

Add item descriptions, images, and videos

Format item descriptions so they are written in plain English and so that both the technician and the customer can easily view and understand the item details. Longer item descriptions are helpful when they add value to the item. Images and videos will help communicate the value of the item to customers. It is important to utilize images and videos from vendors during this process.

Train technicians

Set regular training sessions (bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly sessions).

You can access training resources to learn more about how to set up the Pricebook basics. A variety of training resources can be accessed through the Knowledge Base, Academy, or TitanAdvisor.

Knowledge Base

Find documentation related to setting up your pricebook by going to Knowledge Base > Pricebook, or click the following links for more information:

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Enroll in Pricebook-related courses by visiting ServiceTitan Academy and searching for Pricebook, or click the following links for more information:

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TitanAdvisor recommends features in ServiceTitan that can help you achieve your business goals. To view recommended Pricebook features, go to the navigation bar and click the Rocket icon to open the TitanAdvisor Overview screen. From the side menu, click Pricebook. For more, see TitanAdvisor overview.

Adoption and performance

Overcome industry challenges

Take it slow. Setting up the Pricebook should be an ongoing long term goal and a collaboration between technicians and Office employees. When you take time to set up the Pricebook basics, you will give your technicians a powerful selling tool in the field.

  • Setting up the Pricebook can be time consuming. It is important to set up the Pricebook basics in steps. Start by setting up the most commonly used items. Then, slowly add more items.

  • Communicating the value of items to customers can sometimes be difficult. During the Pricebook setup process, Office employees should collaborate with technicians to build commonly used phrases and selling points into the item descriptions. This will allow technicians to easily communicate with customers.

  • Finding the right images and videos takes time. Use images and videos from vendors. Technicians should also collaborate to share images and videos they have found to be the most beneficial to the customer experience.


Technicians and Office employees must collaborate when setting up the Pricebook basics. This will ensure that the most commonly used items, descriptions, talking points, images, and videos will be added to items in the Pricebook. Technicians will perform better when they are comfortable with what they are selling. Technicians should review the Pricebook in ServiceTitan Mobile often to better understand the value of the product from the customer’s perspective.

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