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Best practices playbook: Offer financing with GreenSky®Last updated on 02/23/2022


Offer financing with GreenSky®

GreenSky® is a simple form of financing that technicians can use to seamlessly offer financing options in ServiceTitan Mobile. When technicians offer GreenSky® financing options, they will no longer need to juggle paperwork, calculate pricing options, or worry about getting all the correct forms signed. Using GreenSky® financing will increase sales and grow revenue for your business.

Business impact

Grow revenue for your business

When technicians use GreenSky® financing, they will increase the average ticket, provide a better customer experience, and overcome customer objections.

Increase average tickets

Offering financing sells more product. Typically, customers will say No to purchasing big ticket items if they feel they are unable to afford them. If financing is always offered, customers will be more likely to say Yes because they feel like the items are affordable.

When items look more affordable, it decreases the sticker shock customers feel and results in a quicker and easier decision process. Customers are able to focus on selecting the financing option that best suits their needs and technicians are able to increase their average tickets.

Provide a better customer experience

GreenSky® financing is flexible and provides a better customer experience. Customers will have the privacy to select their preferred financing option and will be guided through signing all required documentation. Options can be presented with the monthly amount and the actual amount, allowing customers to view all pricing options in detail without having to manually calculate costs.

Overcome customer objections

When technicians do not offer financing, the company loses potential revenue. Technicians can use GreenSky® financing to educate customers on the benefits of the product and the different financing options available to them. When customers are approved for a financing loan, technicians will be able to enter payment immediately and close jobs quickly.

Implementation and training

Use service workflows and tools

Technicians are only as effective as they are trained to be. Using the following service workflows and tools will allow you to collaborate with your technicians and ensure your technicians have the tools they need to effectively offer financing with GreenSky® to customers.

Financing workflow

Technicians will be able to walk customers through the entire loan application process, all within ServiceTitan Mobile. This eliminates having to fill out paperwork. Customers can easily apply for financing in the Mobile app, and they will be given a decision from GreenSky® in seconds. Customers can accept their approved loan immediately and technicians can enter payment and close out jobs quickly.

Train technicians

Set regular training sessions (bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly sessions).

Use training resources to learn more about how to offer financing with GreenSky® to customers. A variety of training resources can be accessed through the Knowledge Base, Academy, or TitanAdvisor.

Knowledge Base

Find documentation related to offering financing with GreenSky® by navigating to Knowledge Base > Mobile Handbook or you can click the following links for more information:

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Enroll in financing-related courses by visiting the Academy and searching for Greensky® or click the following links for more information:

GreenSky® Custom Financing for Office Users

GreenSky® Custom Financing for Mobile Users


TitanAdvisor recommends features in ServiceTitan that can help you achieve your business goals. To view recommended financing-related features, go to the navigation bar and click the Rocket icon to open the TitanAdvisor Overview screen. From the side menu, click Selling & Performing Work. For more, see TitanAdvisor overview.

Adoption and performance

Overcome industry challenges

Technicians will often refrain from offering financing with GreenSky® due to four main industry challenges:



Technicians often assume that customers will ask for financing if they need it. However, most customers will not ask for financing if they are not initially presented with the option. This results in less sales because the customer does not feel they can afford the product.

Technicians should offer financing options every time, even if customers do not initially say they need financing. This eliminates the intimidation of purchasing an item that the customer may be unable to afford without financing.

Traditionally, financing was thought of as being used to purchase big ticket items. If technicians only offer financing for big ticket items, the company loses potential revenue on small ticket items that may have been sold if financing was offered.

Today, financing is being used for everyday purchases. Customers have become more likely to finance both big and small ticket items. Offering financing every time increases the likelihood of selling items and growing revenue.

Offering financing was thought to be complicated and time consuming when it required paperwork and calculations.

Now the digital application process through Greensky® financing has allowed customers to receive an application decision and loan options in seconds.

Technicians must discern what a customer needs and sometimes financing is only offered as a last resort. This limits both the number of customers who are offered financing and the number of customers who accept financing.

When technicians offer financing with Greensky® every time, they can focus on providing the best services possible for the customer, without worrying about filling out paperwork or calculating costs, and customers can focus on choosing the plan that best suits their needs.

GreenSky® financing allows both the technician and the customer the ability to complete the loan application process without having to fill out paperwork or manually calculate costs. Additionally, when technicians offer financing with GreenSky® every time, they will increase the likelihood of selling both big and small ticket items, resulting in increased revenue for the company.

Ensure adoption and track performance

Adoption is an ongoing process. You can track how well technicians are adopting and consistently offering financing with GreenSky® when they are out in the field.

When technicians do not offer financing, the company loses potential revenue. Estimates can be followed up by the Office and by the technician. The Office can track technician performance on the Estimates screen (Search > Estimates) or on the Follow Up screen by viewing Open (Unsold) estimate opportunities. Technicians can track their performance on the Follow Up tab in Mobile by viewing Open (Unsold) estimate opportunities.

Estimates screen (Office)
Follow Up screen (Office)
Follow Up tab (Mobile)

View Open estimates as a second chance to offer financing to customers and sell estimates. Technicians should aim to sell 10% of Open estimates. If the estimate is no longer of use to the customer, the company should dismiss the estimate to ensure the accurate amount of follow up opportunities is captured.

For more information on selling Open opportunities and estimates, see the following links:

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Step-by-step: How to follow up on & sell an open estimate

Guide to the Follow Up tab in Mobile

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