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Improve operational efficiency, part 2: CSR workflowLast updated on 06/07/2022

Business impact

Improve operational efficiency

This playbook is the second in a series centered on helping you improve operational efficiency in your business.

Enforcing proper customer service representative (CSR) workflow reduces call booking times by automating some of the most time-consuming administrative tasks associated with calls. By auto-populating marketing campaign information and displaying existing information on customers and locations, input errors and typos are greatly reduced. CSRs spend more time connecting with customers, rather than asking customers for information and inputting that information into ServiceTitan.

When CSRs click the green bubble to answer calls, those calls automatically become associated with the customer and location record. Future searches for those call records are easy to conduct and access. Additionally, enforcing proper CSR workflow contributes to accurate reporting and implementation of better business strategies.

Setting up your call center for proper CSR workflow is easy and should be a key part of your strategy to improve operational efficiency and productivity in your business.

Faster call booking

Enforcing proper CSR workflow results in reduced call booking times. When the workflow is set up, CSRs click the green bubble to answer incoming calls. Clicking the green bubble automatically adds marketing campaign information to the call record as well as pulls up relevant customer information. Therefore, CSRs spend less time gathering and inputting customer information into ServiceTitan, resulting is faster call booking.

Reduced research time

Clicking the green bubble to answer calls ensures that calls are immediately attached to the relevant customer and job record(s), making finding and listening to call records easy.

More accurate reporting

Proper CSR workflow, when enforced consistently over time, leads to more accurate call center data and CSR reporting. Reporting, in turn, ensures that you will be able to see how efficient your operational strategies are for your business.


Features and functionality

All incoming and manual calls should be booked through ServiceTitan. The majority of calls are incoming. Whenever a call from a customer comes through, the CSR should click the green call bubble to ensure that the call record is associated with the correct customer and location record(s). Manual call booking should be reserved for calls that are booked from outgoing calls.

Enforcing proper CSR workflow ensures that you are getting the most out of ServiceTitan features and functionality for your business.

Implementation and training

Set up phone integration

To use proper CSR workflow, be sure to fully set up phone integration in ServiceTitan. Click the following link for more information: Phone Integration

Access training resources

You can access training resources to learn more about proper CSR workflow. A variety of training resources can be accessed through the Knowledge Base and Academy.

Knowledge Base

Find documentation related to proper CSR workflow by navigating to Knowledge Base and Job Booking or you can click the following links for more information:

Answer incoming calls

Place outbound calls

Manage bookings

Handle abandoned calls and unbooked calls

Understanding call classifications

Listen to call recordings

Search and Export (to find call records)


Enroll in CSR-related courses by visiting the Academy and searching for job booking or click the following links for more information:

Job Booking Setup

Job Booking Basics

Adoption and performance

Ensure Adoption and Track Performance

Adoption is an ongoing process. You can track how well your CSRs are adopting and consistently using proper workflow.

Use Search to find inbound calls that were longer than a minute and are classified as Abandoned. Abandoned calls occur when a CSR fails to click the green incoming call bubble.

You can track individual CSR performance with the Agent Scorecards section of the Dashboard. Use Agent Scorecards to ensure that manual calls are infrequent and are only used for outgoing calls.

You can also use TitanAdvisor to track CSR performance. TitanAdvisor recommends features in ServiceTitan that can help you achieve your business goals. To view recommended CSR-related features, go to the navigation bar and click the Rocket icon to open the TitanAdvisor Overview screen. From the side menu, click Job Booking & Dispatching. For more, see TitanAdvisor overview.

Important note: Some features may not be currently included in your account and additional configuration may be required. Please contact technical support for details.

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