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Basic memberships workflowsLast updated on 03/22/2022

Learn about common workflows for setting up and editing memberships to better serve customers' needs.

Things to know

  • You can think of a recurring service as the settings for when a recurring event will show as due. For example, you might have a recurring services called "AC tuneup" that is set to occur seasonally in September for a single visit and the recurring event for "AC tuneup" would show due for 9/1 of that year.

Sell memberships & membership add-ons

You can sell memberships and membership add-ons from the office.

  • To sell a membership, add the membership new sale task to any invoice or estimate.

  • To sell a membership add-on, simply add it to the membership invoice (you'll need to select This is an add-on, then select the membership as the Parent Task).

You can also sell memberships and membership add-ons in Mobile.

Schedule recurring service events into jobs

You can use the Recurring Service Events screen in Follow Ups to book recurring service events into jobs, for all of your active memberships.

You can also book jobs by navigating to the service location record under Recurring events. Click an event to book it into a job.

Process membership billing

You can process membership billing from the Invoice screen. Click Charge Members to generate membership invoices.

If the customer has a stored payment method attached to the membership, the customer will be automatically charged. If the customer does not have a payment method on the membership, an invoice will still be generated (so you can send the bill to the customer).

Renew memberships

You can use the Expiring Memberships tab on the Follow Up screen to generate renewal estimates. Then, you'll be able to follow up on expiring membership and sell renewals.

If a customer ever indicates they want to renew their membership ahead of schedule, you can also add the membership renewal task to any customer invoice.

Membership reporting

Click Reports from the top navigation menu for membership reports. Popular reports include the Membership Sold By report (overview of membership sales) and the New Member Report (list of new members).

More information on memberships is available on the memberships home page.

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