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Manage equipment in ServiceTitan MobileLast updated on 07/13/2022

Attach an installed equipment item to a service you're performing

You can add previously installed equipment to a service location on mobile by performing the following steps.

  1. Do not add the service directly to the invoice. Instead, tap History. Then go to Existing equipment.

  2. Tap into the installed equipment item. Note: If you don’t find the equipment, you can add the equipment to the service location. The Existing equipment details flyout appears.

  3. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the Existing equipment details flyout.

  4. Select Mark as Serviced using a Task or Mark as Serviced using Material.

  5. Add the service from your Pricebook.

  6. Tap Done. The service will appear on the invoice, and the equipment item will be attached.

Replace or remove equipment

All equipment has a status of installed or replaced. Equipment is in Installed status by default and changes to Replaced status when a new piece of equipment replaces it. Mark equipment as replaced instead of removing it as a way to keep a historical record of equipment on a job.

To replace or remove equipment:

  1. Open the job you need to manage equipment on.

  2. Tap History > Existing Equipment.

  3. Tap the equipment you want to manage.

  4. Tap More More_icon.

  5. Select Replace or Remove.

Note: Removing equipment required user permission. Contact your administrator for account configuration.

View equipment history

Equipment history in ServiceTitan Mobile gives you a summary of the work that has been done on a piece of equipment. The history shows a record for every completed service job for the equipment item. This information helps you better prepare for the job the next time you visit this customer location.

To view equipment history:

  1. From the Dashboard, tap ALL JOBS.

  2. Tap VIEW JOB for the job you want to view the equipment history.

  3. From the side menu, tap HISTORY.

  4. Tap Existing Equipment.

    The Equipment history screen opens with a list of equipment associated with the job location.

  5. Tap the equipment for which you want to see service history.

    The Existing Equipment Details screen opens. At the bottom of the screen, you can find the service history record for the equipment.

  6. Click the Caret to open the invoice record associated with the equipment history.

    The invoice record opens.

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