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Ask dispatchers why appointments were rescheduledLast updated on 04/19/2023

Learn why your team is rescheduling appointments by sending them a survey. As you survey your employees, you can gather data and understand why appointments are being rescheduled by running the Rescheduled Reason Survey report.

Things to know

  • If a dispatcher or other survey responder selects Other, they are required to enter a reason why the appointment was rescheduled before the survey can be completed.

Configure the Rescheduled Reason survey

The Rescheduled Reason Survey comes ready to send a survey to each of your employees every time they reschedule an appointment.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings .

  2. In the side panel, click Dispatch Board > Rescheduled Reason.

  3. Enter details in the Descriptor field, explaining why you’re surveying your technicians. Tip: Your team will adapt better to the Rescheduled Reason survey if you add a personal message from the owner explaining that the data gathered will be used to improve business processes and outcomes for everyone on your team.

  4. Complete the following optional sections of the survey:

    • Quick Responses: Add, edit and reorder survey quick responses.

    • Default Survey Frequency: Select how often the survey should be sent per 100 reschedules, and whether employees are able to skip it. For example, to survey your staff

      • Every time a job is rescheduled, select 100 surveys per 100 rescheduled.

      • Half of the time a job is rescheduled, select 50 surveys per 100 scheduled.

      • Every tenth time a job is rescheduled, select 10 surveys per 100 scheduled.

    • Action Trigger: Select if the survey will be triggered on Reschedule or reassignment or Reschedule Only.

    • Survey Timeout: Enter durations to skip triggering the survey for reschedules on the same job for 0-30 minutes, and skip triggering the survey after initially booking a call for 0-60 minutes.

    • Individual Survey Frequency: Click Add An Employee and use the Select An Employee dropdown to select an employee whose survey frequency you want to alter. Then use the Survey Frequency Per 100 Reschedules dropdown to select how often that employee should be surveyed per 100 reschedules. Use this option to survey new employees more frequently until they are fully ramped up or to learn why certain dispatchers are rescheduling jobs more frequently than others. You can survey multiple different employees at different rates.

5. When you're finished, click Update.

Create and run a Rescheduled Reason Survey report

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Reports.

  2. Click Create Report. Report Builder opens.

  3. For report type and report template, click Jobs.

  4. Select the columns you want to be displayed in the report then click Next.

  5. Enter “Reason Rescheduled Survey report” for the Name of the report. Then, in the Category dropdown, select either Operations or Dispatch. Select if you want to share this report with others, and optionally, enter a description of your report. When you’re finished, click Save.

  6. Your Rescheduled Reason Survey report opens. From here, set up filters and columns for your report to make it easier to read:

    1. Click Filter by, and select Start Date.

    2. Use the From and To fields to enter a date range to run your report on.

    3. If you want to run your report on a specific Business Unit, select one or more Business Units from the dropdown.

    4. Click Edit Columns. If you’re only interested in survey responses for this report, deselect all options from the menu, then select Rescheduled Reason (drilldown) and Reschedule Survey Answered By.

      Tip: You can also select additional columns to show in your report. Hover over column names for a description of each column.

    5. When you're finished adding columns, click Apply.

  7. After you’ve finished setting up your report, click Run Report. The Reason Rescheduled Report runs, showing you a list of responses.

  8. Click an entry in the Rescheduled Reason (drilldown) column to drill down into it. There, you can see the date the survey was taken and any custom responses entered.

Read your report results

  • Reschedule Survey Answered By: Employee who completed the survey

  • Rescheduled Reason (drilldown): Click into this field to drill down to see

    • Date Surveyed: Date the survey was sent

    • Survey Answered By: Employee who completed the survey

    • Custom Response: Written response from the employee who responded to the survey

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