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Apply a payment to multiple invoicesLast updated on 08/30/2022

When you process the payment, you can see all of the customer's outstanding invoices and balances owed.

Things to know

  • When you send confirmation to the customer, make sure to double-check to see if they have other remaining balances. 

  • ServiceTitan Payments allows you to process payments directly in ServiceTitan. For more on how to sign up for ServiceTitan Payments, see Overview of ServiceTitan Payments: Process payments directly in ServiceTitan. 

  • We recommend you using payment collections. For more information, see Enable payment collections.

  • This feature is only available for customers who aren’t on payment collections. Payment collections is a new, recommended flow for managing your payments within ServiceTitan. For more information on payment collections, see Enable Payment Collections, or please contact your success or implementation manager.

Search for open or unpaid invoices

  1. In ServiceTitan, go to Accounting > Batch / Export Transactions. Note: Make sure to disable payment collections in Settings > Payment Collections.

  2. In the Invoice screen, click Apply Payment.

  3. Enter search information and click Search. A list of invoices matching your search criteria appears.

    Note: For open or unpaid invoice balances Pay Multiple appears

Select invoices where the payment will be applied

  1. Click Pay Multiple next to any invoice to which you would like to apply a payment.

  2. When you click Pay Multiple for any invoice, you will see a list that contains all open or unpaid invoices for that customer.

  3. Select the invoice(s) to which you would like to apply a payment. 

    Tip: When you select the invoice(s) to which you would like to apply a payment, you can choose invoices from any business unit.

Enter payment amounts

  1. Specify the amount of the payment to be applied to each invoice in Amount Allocated. This field is pre-populated with the balance of the invoice, but you may enter any desired amount. Payment amounts will be applied only if you have checked off the invoice.

  2. As you enter amounts to be applied to each invoice, the total amount of the customer payment will automatically populate in the Amount field.

    Note: You can no longer apply negative payments to an invoice from this screen.

Add the payment

  1. Enter the payment information.


    Total amount of the customer payment (automatically populates based on amounts entered above).


    The type of payment that was received. Payments can be made in the form of cash, check, or credit card.

    Paid On

    Date the payment was received.


    If desired, enter a memo on the payment (for example, if this is a down payment).

    Authorization Code

    Leave blank. This field is used after payments are processed in ServiceTitan. Remember: Charging customer credit cards requires ServiceTitan Payments integration. Contact your success or implementation manager for more information.

  2. Once you've entered the payment information, you can finish adding the payment.

  • If you use ServiceTitan Payments, click  Charge Account to process the credit card payment or check/bank payment. Note: The button will say Charge Card for credit cards, Charge Account for checks/bank transfers. When you are done, click Save or +Save & Add to Batch.

  • If you do not use ServiceTitan Payments, click Save or +Save & Add to Batch to record the payment(s) on the invoice(s).

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