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Analyze CSR performanceLast updated on 03/22/2022

With Voice Intelligence and Supervisor Insights, you can pinpoint specific calls that require your attention with real-time sentiment and transcription analysis of customer service representative (CSR) calls.

Things to know

  • Voice Intelligence analyzes and transcribes phone calls in real time. Based on sentiment analysis, calls are labeled Neutral, Positive, Negative, or, if a call needs special care, Attention.

Analyze sentiment analysis and transcription logs

With Phones Pro, you’re empowered to track CSR performance as they work so that you can give them immediate follow-up and feedback. Listen to and view real-time transcripts of calls while CSRs are on the line with the customer:

  1. From the Dialpad desktop, go to the Call Center.

  2. Click Active Calls.

  3. Calls show up with real-time sentiment analysis. Click View Call for a call marked as Attention or Negative.

Review post-call summary reports

After a call ends, view the post-call summary to analyze your CSR’s performance on the call.

  1. In Dialpad settings, click Call History.

  2. Select an agent and click View call summary.

In the window that opens, you can view call highlights, transcript, and much more.

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