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View AirAdvice Flash Report for a jobLast updated on 09/09/2022

Any time your customers opt for AirAdvice service during a job, your technicians can easily view a flash report right from the ServiceTitan Mobile app. This helps your customers make quick and easy decisions in a matter of minutes based on what appears on the report during a job. The report is also viewable for any job in ServiceTitan.

Things to know

  • Only jobs that include AirAdvice service offer this report.

  • About the report and results: An AirAdvice monitor undergoes a 30-minute report period after each service and then creates a timestamped flash report available to you and your technicians out in the field.

  • The technician assigned to the AirAdvice monitor is matched with the technician in ServiceTitan by email address.

  • Report timestamp is compared with Technician Dispatched and Technician Done timestamps in the job history, allowing for the report to match to a job and attach. If no done time exists, it’s assumed that the job is in progress and the report timestamp considers six hours from the Technician Dispatched time.

  • The report is generated through the cloud, so if cellular signal is poor or anything else prevents the report from uploading to ServiceTitan, the upload will happen any time after the signal has improved and any issues are fixed.

  • If the report hasn’t uploaded by the end of the workday, the next time the device is turned on, it will automatically retry to upload the report until it’s attached to the job.

View the AirAdvice report in ServiceTitan Mobile

  1. In the Dashboard, go to the main navigation bar and tap ALL JOBS. The screen opens to a list of all jobs.

  2. Find the job you want to view and click VIEW JOB.

  3. In the job screen, go to the side navigation bar and tap HISTORY.

  4. In HISTORY, tap Photos & videos.

  5. In Photos & videos, tap the item you want to view. A PDF preview for the item you selected appears.

  6. To view a full-screen version of the entire report, tap the preview image. To exit the full-screen view, click Cancel at the top left of the screen.

View the AirAdvice report in ServiceTitan

  1. Go to the main navigation bar and click the search icon.

  2. Enter the job number in the Job number... field and click the green search icon.

  3. Click the linked job number in blue. The job screen opens.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the Files tab. A PDF line item with ‘Flash Report’ in the title is listed.

  5. Hover over the item to see additional options and click download. A full PDF report opens in a new browser tab. You can print or save the report, or close the tab and return to the job screen when you're done.

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