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Add a new service locationLast updated on 01/20/2023

You can add a location to a customer record from the Calls screen or by searching for and editing the customer record. Once saved, location details are used to route technicians to service locations. You can also market to customers based on their location, see their address in Map 2.0, and more.

Things to know

  • If you want to add the location of a new customer, see Add a new customer.

  • If ServiceTitan can’t validate an address, you can manually enter the longitude and latitude coordinates. Once added, your provided coordinates are used by ServiceTitan Mobile, Optimize Technician Route, Technician Arrival Tracking, and Maps 2.0.

Add a new location from the call screen

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Calls.

  2. In the Calls screen, enter the customer’s name and click Search.

  3. Select the customer name and click New Location. Note: You can see the New Location option only after you select the customer, otherwise you can see the New Customer option.

  4. Enter the customer’s new location.

  5. When you’re finished, click Save.

Note: After you've added the customer’s new location, update their billing address, if that is also changing.

Add a new service location record from the customer page

  1. Use Search to find the customer record for which you want to add a new service location.

  2. From the customer’s record, click Add Location.

  3. Enter service location details. Include the service location name, service location address, phone number, email address, and whether or not to enable notifications for this location. Tip: After you enter a service location address, press the Tab key or click the marker iconlocation markerfor ServiceTitan to validate it. Click the address to add it to the record.

If you don’t see the correct address, click Enter manually and enter the longitude and latitude coordinates of the address.

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