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Add a PDF form to ServiceTitanLast updated on 05/17/2022

PDF forms are useful when you want to customize the look and feel of your forms to meet your business needs. You can upload a form that you created as a PDF so that you can use it in ServiceTitan. Add a form to a job, a call, a customer, a location, or equipment.

Things to know

  • ServiceTitan supports two kinds of forms:

    • ServiceTitan Forms—Designed directly in ServiceTitan

    • PDFs—Designed outside of ServiceTitan, converted to a PDF, and then uploaded to ServiceTitan

  • Technicians cannot upload photos or video to PDF forms.

  • Data from PDF forms cannot be exported.

  • Be sure to add business units (BUs) to your forms. If your business has lots of forms, splitting them up by BU helps reduce the number of forms displayed to technicians. For example, on an HVAC job the tech only sees HVAC forms. This way they spend less time finding the right forms in the mobile app.

Create a PDF form from a paper form

  1. If you are using a paper form, first scan that form using a scanner and save it on your computer as a PDF.

  2. When you have an electronic copy of your form go to and upload your form.

  3. In the PDFescape editor select Form Field.

  4. In the Type dropdown, select Text.

  5. Drag to add a field wherever you want text entered. Tip: You can also add a text paragraph, a checkbox, radio button, a dropdown, a listbox, reset button and list button as a form field.

Add Smart Fields to a PDF

Smart Fields take information from ServiceTitan and add it to your form so you don't have to. For example, the customer name Smart Field will add the name of the customer on file for whichever job you are at.

To add Smart Fields to your PDF form:

  1. Open your form in a PDF editor such as PDFescape or Adobe Acrobat.

  2. Open Smart Fields to view a list of codes you can use to convert your PDF fields into Smart Fields.

  3. Find the code that corresponds to the information you want automatically added to your form and add it to the appropriate form field.

    Note: If a Smart Field code has a number, you can add multiple entries. For example, in E1I1N the first 1 represents the first estimate and the second 1 represents the first item on that estimate. So, E1I3N is the third item on the first estimate.

  4. Save a copy of your form with the Smart Field codes entered.

Add a PDF form to ServiceTitan

To add a form, first add information about the form.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings. In the side panel, go to Operations > Forms.

  2. Click + Add Forms.

    Add a form opens.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Upload a PDF-form.  

  4. Add the PDF form by either dragging and dropping the file or click Browse for a file to upload it from your computer.  A confirmation banner appears when your PDF form is successfully uploaded.

  5. When you’re done, click Save.

Edit Smart PDFs

PDF forms on a job can be edited by an office employee. It is important that you make your edits in a PDF authoring tool such as Adobe Reader or Apple's Preview to ensure that the changes are saved.

  1. Search search-icon for and open the job that has the form you want to edit.

  2. Under History, click Files.

  3. Hover on the form you want to edit then click Create.

    The form opens as a new tab in your web browser.

  4. Download the form to your computer.

  5. Open the downloaded PDF in a PDF editing software, such as Adobe (PC/Mac) or Preview (Mac). Do not reopen it in your web browser.

  6. Add or edit content to the fillable fields of the PDF. If you want the smart codes to populate properly, do not change them. The smart codes will populate when the form is re-uploaded.

  7. Save your changes to the PDF in your PDF editing software.

  8. Close the tab you used to download the form. The form upload page opens.

  9. Delete the old PDF form if there is one. Then, upload the new form you just saved.

  10. Click Save.

The PDF form should now be updated with your changes and the smart codes should auto-fill.

Use PDF signature fields

  1. In ServiceTitan Mobile, open the job that has the form you want signed.

  2. Tap Forms.

  3. Tap the PDF Form you want signed.

  4. Tap Edit to edit the PDF.

  5. Tap the signature field. An enlarged signature field opens. Note: You must have added a signature field previously for this to work.

  6. Use a finger to add a signature.

  7. Tap Done.

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