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Create a form in ServiceTitanLast updated on 03/24/2023

You can create forms in ServiceTitan and add them to a job, a call, a customer, a location, or equipment. Forms can be filled by technicians in ServiceTitan Mobile or by employees in the office.

Things to know

  • ServiceTitan supports two kinds of forms:

    • ServiceTitan Forms: Designed directly in ServiceTitan.

    • PDFs: Designed outside of ServiceTitan, converted to a PDF, then uploaded to ServiceTitan.

  • You can add authorization and acknowledgment paragraphs to a form, just like you can to an invoice. For more information, see Setup invoice signature settings.

  • Add triggers to a form alert so that technicians can complete the form based on the situation, such as a job being changed to a certain status. To learn more, see Form triggers.

  • If you want to create a form similar to the one you already have duplicate an existing form, make any changes, and save it.

  • You can see photos technicians attach through a form in the Audit trail and Files tab of the job.

  • Make sure to add business units (BUs) to your forms. If your business has lots of forms, splitting them up by BU helps reduce how many are displayed to technicians. For example, on an HVAC job, the tech only sees HVAC forms. This way they spend less time finding the right forms in the mobile app.

Add a form

First, add information about the form, then add sections and items to your form.

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings icon-settings.png.

  2. In the side panel, click Operations > Forms.

  3. Click + Add Form.

Set up your form
  1. Enter a name for your form in the Untitled Form field.

  2. Select the Status of the form, Unpublished or Published.

  3. If you want your business unit’s logo to appear on printed forms, select Show BU logo on print view.

  4. If you want to allow incomplete forms to be emailed, select Allow emailing when not filled.

  5. If you want to automatically send completed forms to a customer when a job is complete, select If filled, email to customer automatically upon job completion.

  6. Choose if the form will be displayed on the Office Side Only or Both Office and Technician Sides.

  7. Select the areas you want this form accessed from. The following options are available:

    1. Job

    2. Call

    3. Customer

    4. Location

    5. Equipment

    6. Technician: This is where the form can be filled out from. Note: If you assign it to the Customer, the customer profile is the only place you will be able to see it. It won't appear on Location, Equipment, etc.

  8. Select which tags you want to automatically apply to which areas when the form is completed.

    • Click Job to add or remove areas that you want your tags applied to. Note: The job is preselected. To move it or any other area click X.

    • Click the Tags field and select which tags you want to apply when the form is completed. Tip: Tags help you classify a job, customer, or location and are useful for reporting and marketing. For example, if the form is only filled out when membership is up for renewal, then you can apply the Potential Membership Renewal tag to the Job, Customer, and Location record when the form is completed.

  9. Choose if you want the form printed or emailed as One Column or Two Columns.

  10. If you want to assign the form to specific business units so that it only appears on relevant jobs, use the dropdown to select the BUs.

  11. Click +Add new item. Tip: If you want to organize your form into sections, click the dropdown and select Add section.

    1. Enter a question in the Header field.

    2. Enter a description that explains the question in the Description field.

    3. If the question must be answered, select Required. A form will not be marked as complete until this is filled out.

    4. Use the dropdown to select a form item type from these options:

      • Text: The response will be text.

      • Number: The response will be a number.

      • Checkboxes: They select at least one of the checkboxes you set up. Use this when the user can select more than one option.

      • Radio Buttons: They select one of the radio buttons you set up. Use this when the user can only select one option.

      • Dropdown: They select one response from a list of options in a dropdown.

      • Stoplight buttons: Stoplight buttons are an easy way of communicating a system's status.

      • Picture: The response will be an uploaded image.

      • Date: They select a date from a calendar.

      • Signature: A signature needs to be collected. You can add Possible refusal reasons that the user can select if they are not able to get a signature.

      • Smart Field: Smart fields automatically enter job details from other areas of ServiceTitan. For example, select Customer Phone Number the customer phone number is auto-populated from the Customer Record.

      • When you're done with the item, click Done.

  12. Click +Add new item to create additional questions to the form. Or, if you’re finished, click Save.

Use Prebuilt Forms

  1. Go to the navigation bar and click Settings icon-settings.png.

  2. In the side panel, go to Operations > Forms.

  3. Select a form and click Export.

  4. In the Export Form that opens, click Export.

    The form file downloads to your device.

  5. Open the downloaded file. Tips: The file is displayed in the text editor.

  6. Select all files and delete them.

  7. Go to the Forms in the Field section of ServiceTitan's Playbook. Note: ServiceTitan's Playbook has a number of recommended standard forms for different situations that you can use right away so you don't have to create your own.

  8. Scroll down to Recommended standard forms, and select the form you want to use.

    A Google Doc opens with the code for that form.

  9. Press Ctrl + A on a PC or Command + A on a Mac to select the code then Ctrl + C on a PC or Command + C on a Mac to copy the code.

  10. Open the text editor file.

  11. Ctrl + V on a PC or Command + V  on a Mac to paste the code.

  12. Save the file.

  13. Go back to the Forms section and click Import.

  14. In the Import Form that opens, click Choose File.

  15. Select the text editor file and click Import.

If you want to preview the file, click Preview Form.

The form opens.

Click Edit Form to edit your form.

Edit a form

If you want to make changes to a form you have created, navigate to your forms and click Edit on the form you want to change.

  1. Click Settings icon-settings.png.

  2. In the side panel, go to Operations > Forms.

  3. Find the form you want to edit. Tips: If you can’t find the form you want to edit, check to see if it is hidden by any filters

  4. Click edit pencil icon.

    The Edit Form page opens. 

  5. Make the necessary changes and click Save.

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