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Accounting Detail ReportLast updated on 03/22/2022

Purpose of the Accounting Detail Report:

This report provides summary of transaction balances on all your General Ledger Accounts.

Common uses for this report:

  • Use this report to see a detailed breakdown of credit and debit transactions in your General Ledger accounts.

How to find this report:

Click Reports > Click Legacy Reports > Click Accounting Detail Report. Then you will be able to set filters and run the report.

Report filters

Business Unit

Filter by business unit. This report can be run by a single business unit or all business units.


Filter by status. This report can be run by posted, exported, or all invoices.

Date range

Filter by date range. Use the From and To fields to set a custom date range.

View or download the report

Click Update to view the report.

The report can be downloaded in three different formats:

  • Export to Excel (.xlsx) (click the dropdown arrow next to Download PDF)

  • Export to Comma separated (.csv) (click the dropdown arrow next to Download PDF)

  • Export to Excel (Allow Long-Running) (click the dropdown arrow next to Download PDF)

Explanation of report columns

The report includes the following columns:

Cash Receipts

(Report columns)

Payment Account

There are two details you can see in this column for the Payment Account:

  • The payment type, such as cash, credit card, or GreenSky® Financing.

  • The QuickBooks account number the transaction is tied to.


The amount of payments made under a certain payments type. For example, in the image above there are 2 cash transactions


Positive payments amounts.


Negative payments amounts, such as refunds, or payment corrections.


The date the transaction occurred on.


(Report columns continued)

Customer Type

The type of customer:

  • Residential

  • Commercial


The General Ledger account tied to the task.


The number of payments made by a specific customer type.


Negative task amounts. Debits would reduce your income. Negative tasks are created when an invoice total is greater than what it was supposed to be and now needs to be reduced.


Positive task amounts. Credits would increase your income. Positive tasks are created when you income accounts receive credit.


The Invoiced On date of the invoice where the transaction occurred.

Net Change in A/R

(Report columns continued)


There are two account types:

  • Account Receivable Payments - Payments that exist but the invoices are not within the report’s date range.

  • Account Receivable Invoices - Payments for invoices which have not been made, are in a pending status, or do not fall within the report’s date range


The amount of payments made by a specific account.


Positive invoice items or payments


Negative invoice items or payments.


The date the transaction occurred on.

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