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Handle abandoned calls and unbooked callsLast updated on 03/22/2022

Where to find abandoned calls and unbooked calls in ServiceTitan

Use the Unbooked Calls section of the dashboard to see all the calls that require special attention: abandoned calls and unbooked calls.

If a call is in the Unbooked Calls section, it requires the manager's attention.

The icon to the far left tells you whether it was an unbooked call, or an unanswered call.

Unbooked Call:

Unanswered Call:

You may click on any call in the Unbooked Calls section to listen to the call, add tags to the call, fill out call forms, or reclassify the call. Click here to learn more about using the Unbooked Calls section of the dashboard.

If you want to see abandoned calls only, look in the Agent Scorecards

In addition to the Unbooked Calls section, abandoned calls will also appear in agent scorecards (CSR scorecards).

If you have abandoned calls, ServiceTitan will automatically generated a CSR profile that says, Abandoned Calls. This profile will show the number of abandoned calls only (not the unbooked calls).

You can also use the Search screen to search for abandoned calls (search Call, then select Abandoned as the call type).
  • Click Search from the top navigation menu.

  • Select Call under What do you want to search for?

  • Use the Call Type filter to search for abandoned or unbooked calls (you can search for other types of calls too).

What to do with abandoned and unbooked calls

The office manager will need to attach the correct CSR and reclassify the call.

  • Click on the abandoned call.

  • Click to listen to the call. Determine who the CSR was, and what happened during the call (was it a wrong number? was a job booked? is this an unbooked call lead? does the customer need a call back?)

  • Once you've listened to the call, you can perform necessary follow-up. Click I’d like to reclassify the call to correctly log the call (booked job, unbooked call, excused call, etc). Attach the correct CSR to the call. Enter other call details if needed (notes, tags, etc.)

  • Click here to learn more about editing and reclassifying calls.


Abandoned Call - FAQ

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