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Settings - FAQLast updated on 09/09/2022

Password and sign-in policy

How do I know if my office employees or technicians have not verified their account?

What do I need to do if my existing employees or technicians have not verified their account?

How can an employee or technician complete their account verification?

Can technician and office employee profiles use the same email and mobile phone number?

Does the ServiceTitan sign-in policy affect Partner Portal users who use the same email address?

Can I use the same email and phone number with profiles in different ServiceTitan company accounts?

Can a technician use their mobile number if they don’t have an email address?

How do I disable dispatch email notifications to technicians?

What are the password requirements?

A banner is telling me that I need to change my password. Do I have to change it right away?

Can I reuse passwords?

How does ServiceTitan know if a password is commonly used?

How often do I have to update my password?

If an employee or technician is terminated or resigns, how quickly can passwords be changed?

How does an employee or technician retrieve their password if they forget it?

Who can update passwords if an employee or technician can't sign in?

What do the Status columns on the Employees and Technicians screens mean?

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