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ServiceTitan Web Connector to QuickBooks Desktop - FAQLast updated on 06/07/2022

Do exported transactions reflect only in the GL Account or on items as well?

Should I disable auto-run on the old web connector while I am upgrading to the ServiceTitan Web Connector?

Are invoices exported to customers or customer:jobs?

How can I turn on the ServiceTitan Web Connector?

If I make updates to any information after matches are made in the Reconciliation Excel file, do I need to run the reconciliation again to update my account with the new information?

Can I run and download a report that shows the batches that I exported with the ServiceTitan Web Connector?

Can I export technician timesheets to QuickBooks?

How long does it take to upgrade to the ServiceTitan Web Connector?

Where should I install the ServiceTitan Web Connector?

How can I edit an exported invoice?

Why would I need to deactivate an item in QuickBooks or ServiceTitan?

Do partial payments export to QuickBooks?

Can I edit GL Account names in ServiceTitan to match the GL Account names in QuickBooks?

Can you run the reconciliation tool multiple times?

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