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Reputation - FAQLast updated on 11/15/2022

Reputation - FAQ

What is Marketing Pro - Reputation? How does it work?

Can I just get Marketing Pro - Reputation and not get an email or direct mail?

How does Marketing Pro - Reputation help with SEO?

Can I generate reviews with this tool?

Does Marketing Pro - Reputation include social media monitoring?

My technicians manually send review requests after a job is complete. Will I be able to do this with Marketing Pro- Reputation?

What triggers exist to send the review request?

How do you match the reviews to the tech? How do you explain the logic?

What is the difference between the existing job completion survey and the survey in Marketing Pro - Reputation?

Can I create review alerts from inside ServiceTitan?

Can you create both email and SMS review requests for the same business unit?

If a customer doesn’t respond to the initial survey request, I want to send the request again. Can I manually send review requests?

Is it possible to send a review request to the service location profile’s email or phone instead of the customer profile’s email or phone?

What happens if I have a customer with multiple phone numbers on their profile?

Is there a way to stop a customer from receiving a review request? For example, if the job hasn’t been done well or if it’s a troubled customer, and I don’t want that review request to be sent to that customer.

How do you completely unsubscribe a customer from getting review requests?

How do we make sure the survey request doesn’t go out until the job is completed? For example, how can we prevent surveys from sending out for initial $0 jobs that technicians should come back tomorrow to complete?

Will the Reputation Management job completion text surveys work if I don't have Customer Notification Job Surveys enabled in ServiceTitan? I would like to use one without the other.

Is it possible to have more than 1 address under Marketing > Reputation > Listing? I’m not able to click the + Create Location button to add another address.

Is it possible to limit the number of review requests an audience member receives? Our customers receive multiple review requests because they fit the audience criteria multiple times.

Job Notification Toggle

How can I prevent reviews from sending to certain customers?

Business Units and Job Types

Can I prevent reviews from sending for certain business units or job types?

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