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Property Data Display - FAQLast updated on 06/07/2022

What do I need to do to use the Property Data Display?

What can I do with the Property Data Display?

Can I use the Property Data Display to learn more about properties in Canada or properties outside the US?

What data does the Property Data Display provide?

Where does the data in the Property Data Display come from?

How often is the data in the Property Data Display updated?

Why are some fields in the Property Data Display blank?

Will the Property Data Display have more data in the future?

Why is the estimated market value in the Property Data Display different in other websites?

Can I disable the Property Data Display for certain roles or employees?

Can I export property data?

Why didn’t ServiceTitan integrate with a provider like Zillow?

Why doesn’t the property information in Property Data Display match what I see from other property data providers?

Can I submit updates to property data?

Can I report on property data?

Who should I contact if I believe some information is incorrect?

Can I use this data for ServiceTitan Marketing Pro?

Do I need to “validate” the address before seeing property data?

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