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Pricebook - FAQLast updated on 06/07/2022

Categories and subcategories

How are categories and subcategories formatted within the Pricebook Excel Template?

How do I assign a category or subcategory to a pricebook item?

What if I want to assign a pricebook item to a subcategory?

Replacement opportunities

When will equipment tags and replacement opportunity tags get created, and where are these tags applied?

How do I add equipment to a service location and enter the install date?

How is the age of Equipment determined? How do you know when the item will reach its replacement age (and become a replacement opportunity)?

When I manually add a replacement opportunity tag to a job, will the job be included in replacement opportunity data?

Editing pricebook items

Do I need to click Save when I am done making changes for each tab?

What if I want to discard all my changes?

How long can an item description be?

How can I directly charge a customer for a material?

Pricebook Connect - Provider catalogs

How are items tagged as new?

Why is the number of downloaded catalog items higher than the number I selected?

How can I select catalog items in bulk?

What do the tags on items mean?

How do I navigate between categories?

Pricebook Connect - Managing items in your pricebook

Can I edit a catalog item in my pricebook?

Why can’t I edit certain fields of catalog items in my pricebook?

If I edit an item, can I undo my changes?

Can I delete a catalog item I added to my pricebook?

What happens when I deactivate a catalog item from my pricebook?

What happens if I remove a material from a catalog item?

How do I know when catalog updates are available?

Can I dismiss updates?

Why can’t my pricebook update automatically?

What if the cost of a material item changes?

What is Total Material Cost?

If a material item cost changes, do my prices update automatically?

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