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Payroll and Timesheets - FAQLast updated on 10/13/2022

Payroll and Timesheets - FAQ

What happens if a technician forgets to clock out at the end of the day?

How do technicians clock themselves in and out in ServiceTitan Mobile?

Can technicians using Simple Clock In/Out accrue paid hours without a timesheet code?

How does a technician start the clock at the beginning of the day with Simple Clock In/Out?

How do I edit a technician’s timesheet entries if they were not clocked in or clocked out correctly?

What if a technician’s first drive time is less than their commute time?

What if a technician is dispatched to a job while clocked into a non-job event?

Technician Clock In/Out

Do technicians clock in manually in ServiceTitan, or do they clock themselves in ServiceTitan Mobile?

When is the start time?

Will the unpaid event outrank the working time if a technician has an unpaid event that overlaps the working time?

What will happen if a technician forgets to clock out on the same day and clocks out on the following day?

Can you have multiple Clock Ins or Clock Outs of the same day on the Dispatch board when Simple Clock In/Clock Out isn’t used?

Simple Clock In/Out

What will happen if a technician clocks in, but forgets to clock out on the same day as the clock in?

How much idle time gets paid for throughout the day if the Pay for idle time over 1-hour configuration is off?

Do non-job events take precedence over job timesheet time, when, for example, a simple Clock In or Out is off?

Do the first drive time settings in the technician profile matter?

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